Medtronic Carelink and Mac


This add-on is called User-Agent Switcher. I use it with Firefox, but there’s also a version for Opera. The add-on allows you to select a different browser, OS or device.


Thanks, @Boerenkool – works perfectly!


I asked them about this and they explained that as a medical app they have to be very careful about testing because people are making treatment decisions based on what they see in Tidepool. They have a quite small group of developers doing the entire project, so they decided they would only support the most widely used browser, namely Chrome. They simply don’t have the staff to do testing on multiple browsers. Or, more correctly, they think it more important to work on other features, rather than using the time to test for correct operation in a wider variety of browsers. I can understand that decision, and although I’m not enthusiastic about it, I’m satisfied with running the User-Agent Switcher add-on in Firefox so it masquerades as a Chrome browser. As with you, I will not install the Chrome browser on my computer because of privacy issues. I once scanned a friend’s computer with Hitman Pro (a malware detection app that’s free in it’s simplest form), and despite my friend’s use of an ad-blocker in chrome, they had accumulated hundreds of tracking cookies, and who knows how much fingerprinting code was run.