MDI Needle Crunch Sound?

So… I’m on MDI and recently I’ve come across some needles that are not easily sliding into the skin, and are physically harder to get in. Then, when I finally get the needle to break the skin and enter… it has a sort of crunchy crackly sound when the needle is entering the skin. Then I inject and take it out.
What is this crackling? Is it the needle breaking or something like that? It can’t be scar tissue because I inject with other batches of needles in similar areas and I don’t hear the crunching… Just with these specific needles. Going to throw them out now and use another box, but still… very odd.
Are the needles dull and forcing it in isn’t a good idea?


Needles certainly vary
in quality/ sharpness/ smoothness. I’ve felt the crunchy sound too.

Are you using new needles every time? I reuse needles a few times… if I’m using high quality needles they’re usually good for 2 or 3 injections before they start doing this for me… cheapies often do it on the first injection… rarely does it happen for me with a quality brand new pen needle. I don’t think it’s anything to lose too much sleep over…


I use BD Insulin Syringes with BD Ultra-fine needle 1/2 unit dosages, 3/10 mL, 8 mm, 31 g. I always use a new needle every single shot. It says this was manufactured 2018-10-01 and expires 2023-09-30. I don’t understand why this whole box has been nothing but problems with sharpness. Is there a better, sharper, high quality brand or product out there? There are weird marks over each needle every time and odd plastic marks on the syringes that make bubbles harder to detect. Maybe I need to file a complaint with them? Or not use the 1/2 unit? Idk…


Who knows… maybe their machine at the factory was slightly off when that box was made… I use bd nano and find them pretty good but imo novofine are the best

I use pens and pen tip needles. You’re using syringes?

I had that problem once and when I ran my fingers over the needle I could feel the roughness. It is definitely a defect with that lot number. I called BD at the time and they sent me a container to send the defective syringes back to them. I suggest that you do not use that box.

Note that both me and my daughter have used BD syringes for a total of 45 years between the two of us and I only had that problem once - so I think that BD syringes are pretty good.


Then, when I finally get the needle to break the skin and enter… it has a sort of crunchy crackly sound when the needle is entering the skin.

Yikes, that does not sound comforting.

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100% agree with Sam. I can use needles a few times and then they do exactly this. (I can tell whether they are going to do this or not by how easily they get into the vial.)

Sometimes I get 4 uses out of them, sometimes just 1.

I had a nightmare week where everything was going wrong and among that, I got a batch of needles that I could use 0 times. Seems like this happened to you.


This may sound crazy to some of you but I use my needles as long as I can stand.They make enough money off of us as it is.I have never had a problem doing this all my supplies are kept in refrigerator to keep bacteria from growing.I also have had less than sharp needles straight out of the package with the same experience as you.I use BD always have not many problems.Companies want us to use only once so they can make more profit from us.Being Diabetic is expensive I try and save wherever I can.If it’s dull move on to another needle if it’s nice and sharp don’t be afraid to use it as many times as you can.


Hello Sir.
I found this picture on the internet, but it was also in a self management book yrs ago.