Low-carb brownies

Here are some low carb (and gluten, dairy, egg, and nut free) chocolate fudge brownies I made. They’re from this recipe.

They have about two grams of carbs each. And are very, very chocolate-y and rich!


I am confused, that recipe looks like a single serving to me!?!?! Serves 10?

The servings on the site are small, but they are super rich.

The picture above is a plate full of them. I personally wouldn’t eat that much in one go. But if you did, it would only be 20 grams of carbs. :wink:

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Those Brownies look FABULOUS @Jen! Thanks for sharing the recipe…I know what I am doing after work tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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I hope you like them. They take all of 10 minutes to whip up if you have a blender. I’ve had a few today and they’re more like “pure fudge” than brownies. LOL. I think next time I might add some more sweetener so they’re not quite so rich. Maybe some peppermint or orange, too, as the site suggests. Mmmm.

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Thanks for the tips

Avocado! Not your normal brownie ingredient :slight_smile: Is that protein powder any good on its own?