Loop vs AAPS

Per the discussion of Horizon, etc, I finally took the plunge and started getting my life together to build AAPS. I downloaded the modules, ordered a cheap Android phone to test it out with, then this morning saw the news about Loop 3.0 (aka Dash) being in dev release.

I’ve used both android and iOS phones and for a variety of reasons prefer to use an Apple phone at the moment. That said, I’m not sure if there are reasons use AAPS over Loop.

As far as I can tell the main benefits of AAPS are:

  • Better variety and cheaper phones
  • No annual developer subscription

Is there any functionality that AAPS has which Loop doesn’t? Anything Loop does that AAPS doesn’t? If I’m going to wait for Loop, I’d prefer to return this rinky-dink Nokia.


Not sure but curious to find out. I couldn’t get Loop to compile on Mac but have been using AAPS ever since and think that it does everything I’d ever want it to.

@Karl.n Am I understanding correctly that Omnipod Dash will loop now? I wasn’t aware its security had been broken through and Loop developed for it. I’ll do some research on my on as well… Thanks,

AAPS currently supports Dash, without a Link. It’s in dev for Loop. Many months away from release.

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