LOOP and auto bolus fork?

At work I can read the boards here between calls but no facebook.

I’ve seen a lot of chatter about a new fork on LOOP called Auto Bolus but can’t quite get my head around it. Why would you use it? How does it differ from the main production release that was just put out? Whose using it? Do you like it better than the main? Why or why not?

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It will give a bolus for a high correction, instead of the usual amping up of basal amounts.

It will allow you to set percentages, like 30% or 40% of your normal correction bolus. And there will be limits you can set to the amount, or if your BG is predicted to fall, etc.

There is some discussion on github to read if you can’t get to FB.

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Actually discussions are on Loop Zulip chat: https://loop.zulipchat.com

In general, I do not recommend experimental branches for people who are not into making frequent updates.

It’s potentially a phenomenal addition to loop. There are many times I’m at work and can’t manually bolus and the nurse is ok with they loop basal bringing him down in…4 hours. If the system could, instead, administer a preset amount as a bolus it would help the bgs come down MUCH faster. I for one hope it hits dev or master branch sometime in the near future.

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I’m using it and yes, @ClaudnDaye, it does bring highs down faster, but even better, it really helps in keeping highs from occurring in the first place. My TiR is is a bit better than with the master branch, but with less effort…

@dm61 is right though, it is experimental still, and the user needs to pay extra attention with frequent builds, as well as monitoring BGs. The default 40% bolus can be too much for me at times esp during exercise so I switch back to the temp basal dosing mode.


I don’t mind the frequent builds and i check bgs all the time anyway. I’m just hesitating since Liam is 6. I don’t like to jump right in until others (adults) have stress tested it first.