Liam the Flatliner (for 12 hours at least)

The closest we’ve gotten so far to a flatline. Pretty much between 80 - 120 for the past 12 hours. I’m really loving the FreeAPS (Microbolus) branch of loop for Liam.


Wow, pretty amazing! :sparkling_heart: Have you tried the auto-bolus branch of Loop, or did you go straight to Ivan’s FreeAPS branch? I’m on Loop’s auto-bolus branch which is great but from my understanding, does not offer as much customization as FreeAPS.


I didn’t want to do autobolus because of fears of over bolusing him in his sleep - especially in the event of a signal loss. The microbolus does the same thing really, only smaller doses over a longer period of time. I am absolutely loving it. And I love the fact that (although I’ve not used it), I can just switch off the Microbolus branch and default back to the Dev branch if I see issues.


Awesome line! It is amazing what the new crop of algorithms is able to accomplish with little user input. It gives me quite a bit of hope for the future. Once the algorithms get better at dealing with highs, they will be killing it.


Yes, I agree, that is safer esp for little ones. Auto-bolus occasionally over boluses me and I will go low. So it does require careful monitoring. Yes, I love being able to switch back and forth between the Temp Basal and Auto Bolus dosing. I’ll switch to Temp Basal if I see auto-bolus is giving me too much insulin for example prepping for exercising. I’m doing it less and less though as I get more experienced with AB :slight_smile:

So glad we have these technologies now. I think they are especially helpful for parents of T1D kids since they cannot always rely on their kids telling them how they feel!


We have been using the autobolus branch but I want Mitch to update to the microbolus branch because I think autobolus is too aggressive for Samson.
Great work!


It requires the use of Loop Workspace, but the instructions are fairly straightforward. Best branch I’ve used by far.

I’m sure you’ve read Kate’s FB posting for the branch, but it’s what I used for the process.



Congrats, that’s awesome!

How long have you been using the microbolus branch?


I don’t remember when we converted from Dev branch exactly, but probably between the 1st and 15th of May - so a month or so now.

@TiaG, once you guys convert, if you want to know what we have for any of our settings, plz just let me know. I know our boys are different, but you could use our settings as a baseline for Samson if necessary. Happy to provide whatever you need!


Here is a recent posting on FB (7 hours ago) that describes the diff between AB and MB branches.


@Eric Reading on the diffs, it seems the MB branch (FreeAPS) allows TB which may interest you: :slight_smile:

Patrick Maßow It also features manual temp basals in open loop, similar to how the pdm works.


Cool, thanks for the info!

At some point I need to renew my developer account. It actually expired, and I have not built it or reinstalled it in a while!