Loop and Apple Watch compatability

Does anyone know what Apple watches are compatible with Loop?

I don’t need the watch to do Dexcom, or GPS, or tell me where I am, or tell me what the weather is, or how much sleep I am getting.

I don’t need the watch to do anything except let me deliver a bolus when I want. That’s it!

I am trying to find the cheapest NEW Apple watch that does this. (I don’t want to get a refurb.)

Does the Apple Watch SE GPS do that? That’s the cheapest new one I have found so far.



@Eric Check out: Apple Watch - LoopDocs. Scan part way down (second screenful?) talks about watch hardware and OS compatibility. If that doesn’t answer your question, if you have a ZulipChat account, you can post to Log in | Zulip.


Thanks @TomH! Looks like the Apple Watch SE is compatible, so I will try that one since it’s the cheapest.

I will need to figure out how to turn off all the other “stuff”. Nice and simple, nothing but a bolus option! :wink:

Thanks! I will let you know how it goes!


I bought my watch specifically fot loop but, gosh, that was 3+ years ago now. It is watch 4 but i update whenever a new os is released and it continues to work great for loop.


@Eric I’m using a new SE model with Loop and use it to bolus.


Hi everyone. A quick update.

I got an SE and it is working. I can bolus from my watch. :partying_face:

I also cleaned up the face so the only button is the bolus button. And I also made the dial less sensitive to increments, so I can more easily adjust 0.05 units, or 0.10 units, or 0.15 units etc. (Using the default value, the increments jumped up too quickly!)

The only thing I can’t figure out (hoping someone can help me here) - I can’t get the failed bolus to display. I really would like this.

I’ve tested it out. Like put the Riley Link away, or turned Loop off on my phone. And I do a bolus and I want the watch to tell me that the bolus failed. But sadly it never says that.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


@Eric I don’t have the technical knowledge to answer your question, the changes you’ve made indicate you’re light years ahead of my meager capabilities. That said, the LoopZulipChat group on development takes in requests for modifications desired and several folks there may be able to guide your effort. You can post openly or if you review the discussions on Watch programming you may see someone with similar desires and private message them.


I think I’ve only seen it once in the past 3+ years bolusing from my watch. And it wasn’t immediate. Seemed to take many seconds or even a minute to display bolus failed, unlike on the iPhone which immediately displays notificationwhen bolus fails.
Sorry, not much help.

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