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Just starting to use loop with omnipod and getting failed bolus at first try. Why?

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Can your phone and Riley Link and pod all “see” each other? Does your phone see the RL? Are they within range of each other?

Yes they were but we just changed pods and it’s working!!! Thank you.


Make sure RL and Phone are near POD when bolusing otherwise you will see that message frequently. I keep both very nearby (within 2 to 3 feet of Liam). Glad you got it to work!!


Sure will. Thanks so much for this wonderful place I can turn to. Would not manage without you guys.


Also, not sure if you’re using Jo-Jo Beeps or not, but we love hearing the indicators when the bolus starts (two short beeps) and when it completes (one longer beep).

Info about it here


I agree and love jojo beeps for the same reason.

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Thank you. I’m trying to understand why I might benefit from nightscout? Is there smthg that it does that loop doesnt?

Think of Nightscout as the DISPLAY PORTAL for all the important information. It shows you all the valuable information, pulled into that single location, that you can view anywhere around the world, remotely, that allow you to see and make valuable decisions about your care or your childs care.

The purpose of loop is to ADMINISTER diabetes care whereas Nightscout is used to VIEW that important information.

What is Loop? https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/
What is NS? https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/nightscout/overview/

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Would that allow dexcom status to show up on apple watch without phone nearby? If not, is there any other method to have watch display dexcom without phone?

There is no “nightscout” app (from the Nightscout organization) for the Apple phone. There IS; however, an app called “NSApple” which you can download and follow on your watch that was developed by another entity for the purpose of viewing NS data on an Apple watch.

You can read more about it here.

Both Liam and I have it installed on our Apple watches. I don’t “believe” the phone has to be near, but since the watch is, in many cases, a mirror of the phone, I’m not 100% certain on that. But I don’t believe the phone has to be close to see the watch.

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Ok too much at once.
My intention is to send her to school with apple watch only. No phone. Can that be done ? Dexcom wont show bg wo phone nearby.

We finally got loop up and running. Still getting basil errors though. Is there a phone # for tech support ? Been reading allot to set it up. Would love personal guidance.

This is a DIY system. No tech support except the volunteers here and in the looped group.

I would recommend finding time to read up on all the info that is currently available for the loop system, watch, etc that can be found at loopdocs and through the looped group.

I don’t think watch can work all on its own, but I am not certain so maybe someone else can help.

How do plan to have your child bolused?

Yes need to find time to read some more. For now bolus through loop.

Yes, but bolus through loop HOW? We use a phone. The school uses the phone. You CAN operate the loop app on the watch but I would not recommend having that on any childs watch who is not old enough to be self managing completely. How old is your child?

She’s 16 and been managing it all on her own. She just got an iPhone and looping through that but school won’t allow phones.

I’m pretty sure it’s against the law to deny he ability to manage her disease in whatever fashion is necessary - including a phone. @Chris, @TiaG, anyone else… Does this sound right? Not sure whether the federal laws actually stipulate the use of a phone.

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My child is in high school and they have a policy of no phones to be used during class. At the beginning of the year some teachers make some comments however once they are told by my child that the phone is used for the management of diabetes they are fine.

At this age, I let my child discuss it with her teachers rather than me doing it.

We have not had any pushback from any teachers.

From a legal point of view, this is covered under our State law which is surprisingly comprehensive. A 504 may be used but is not required for us. In our situation, it would have been foolish for the school to give any issues - from a strictly legal point of view.

State laws can vary drastically in the USA from State to State.

I have never looked into what would be covered under the applicable Federal laws as our State laws are so comprehensive.

My suggestion for @Cbanda would be to have a joint meeting with the school principle and nurse and discuss the situation. Hopefully you will find that they are entirely accommodating once they understand the need and purpose.


School will definitely make exception for her. Im just trying to figure out if loop will work on the watch when she’s at lunch or at gym while her phone is left in her knapsack.

Why would she not have her phone at lunch ?