Thinking of getting an Apple iWatch 3 during black friday

I’m currently Omnilooping, carrying an iPhone SE as well as a Samsung Galasxy S10+. I’m currently uploading data to tidepool, xdrip/heroku, and Dexcom.

I currently have a Huwawei android wear watch but thinking of switching over to Apple Watch 3.

I’ve never used an apple watch before, so wondering the pros/cons of doing this and what I should use for the dsplay?

I currently like not only seeing my number but the arrow and graph. If I can’t see graph, that’s ok, but at least I’d like to see the number and arrow.

How would I configure it?

I saw someone having it on sale for $139 or was it $129 so that’s tempting me. Is it worth it? My current setup works great, but I hear you can bolus from the watch if I go apple and that kinda interests me.

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What do you mean, “bolus from the watch”? If you mean you can use the number and direction arrow to figure your bolus, you can do the same thing with the Huwawei watch and xDrip+. If you only trust Dexcom, just run native mode in xDrip+. That gives you the exact same readings as the Dexcom receiver. It takes the readings from the transmitter.

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Yes, you can bolus from the watch.

It is really cool when it works!

But the problem for me was that when it failed, it did not report the failure. And because I had a few boluses that did not work, I was always left wondering if the watch bolus worked.

If you can look at your iPhone to verify the bolus, it is no big deal.

But if you have to look at your watch to verify it, that kind of defeats the benefit of the watch bolus…

It works for some people (the notification, I mean).

I’d recommend buying it, doing a Loop build and putting it on your watch and testing the heck out of it for 14 days. If it does not work, the apple watch has a 14 day return. So it does not cost you anything to try.


Where do you see it on sale for that price ?

Walmart black Friday sale. I believe its the 38mm iwatch 3. $139 if memory serves. Seems like an awesome price.

Eric, do you notice this problem just occasionally or is it regularly? I hate to spend that kind of money and it not be reliable. My current watch works fine but I though it would be nice to have a waterproof watch and be able to bolus from it if I wanted to. Work doesn’t really care, so its more of a want it vs have to have it. I’m a sucker for sales!

I believe you can even order it online. No way I’m shopping on black Friday in person.

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I am Looping and have an Apple Watch 3. It’s great for what I need for Looping. I can see/ do the following from my watch:


  1. Loop status (Green, Red, etc)
  2. Current BG -> Eventual BG
  3. BG Graph (1, 2, or 3 hr view)
  4. Active Insulin
  5. Active Carbs
  6. Net Basal Rate / Hr

Actions available:
A) Enter Carbs
B) Bolus
C) Toggle Pre-Meal Setting
D) Start/ Stop Override (any created/saved in Loop on phone).




Thanks for the pictures Millz. Can you take pictures of the graphs and main screen?

And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the iWatch 3 water proof? Can you shower with it? Swim with it?

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$129 at walmart according to .

Is nationwide. it’s on their front page.


Yes, you can shower/swim with it (it also allows you to expel any water if needed).

Here are pics of the graphs.

Main screen



Thanks Millz. Just can’t decide. What would I be loosing by going to apple from my current setup? What would I be gaining? Anyone changed from an Android based watch to this iWatch?

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Sorry, I don’t have any insight as this is the first smart watch I’ve owned (I had it prior to Looping).

Don’t believe Loop works on Android watches. So there’s that.