Libre reader waterproof case?

I do bridge inspections for a portion of the summer at work. So the other day I was in chest waders with my libre reader in the chest pocket. The pocket is not waterproof, so I put the reader in a ziplock bag for some degree of water resistance. I briefly was in water a few inches too deep. I pulled the reader out, and saw a bit of water in the ziplock… Dead reader. Customer service was happy to replace it, which was very nice.

So it appears the reader is not designed for water. How about a waterproof case? Maybe even a generic type designed for a phone would work. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Joto waterproof pouches are what we use for Liam’s phone and Riley link and they keep all water out.


Hey thanks! That looks like a good solution for my situation.

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There is also the aquapac


Wow Elver, that looks like a good one too. Looks like they’ve been in the have a while,

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