FreeStyle Libre Pro; is it Really Waterproof?

last month my endo put me on a 2 week trial of the FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor to see how my BGs were doing. usually he just down-loads my pump and my meter on his computer; but this was, for me, a very exciting experience. i was told that it was waterproof and that i would be able to swim with it on w/out a problem. well, this first session, 14 days and nights, went really well. it provided a ton of info for my endo to work with.

i don’t use a CGM anymore, for personal reasons, so this was a way to collect data that otherwise might go unnoticed (my over-night BGs, for example)

well, after downloading it after the 2 weeks, he saw that my basal rates were much too high, and he had me re-program my pump settings. very dramic changes. so, in my wisdom, i thought that it would be VERY helpful to wear the sensor for another 2 weeks so that i could see how i responded to the changes. my insurance wouldn’t cover it, so i payed OOP ( very $$$$ at $350) . i discussed it with my husband and we both felt strongly that it was a very worthwhile investment.

so the nurse hooked me up, again promising me that i would have no problem swimming with it and to come back in 2 weeks so that it could be downloaded. well, i did NOT get my money’s worth. after the first week, it peeled off in the swimming pool. i tried pushing it back in, but it didn’t stick. so i called my endo, and he instucted me to put it into a sandwich baggy and bring it in with me to our next scheduled appointment.

i really thought i should get my $$$ back. i mean 7 days does not tell a very clear story; at least in my mind. i wanted him to be able to see the difference between my swimming days and my non swimming days; my over-nights when i have swam hard and long, vs, just a moderate swim day. i wanted to see how these new basal rates were adjusting.

so, although it was, all in all, a helpful tool, someone should have warned me that i would have been better off covering it with some Tegaderm was definately Not (completely) water-proof.


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You should call the company and tell them you want a replacement. I know Dexcom replaces sensors that don’t last the full time. Give it a try.

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I am with Eric!

thats a great idea. i never thought of that. i will call after the w/end; we just got home from Mokonk.

thanks guys.


Hi, its DM, i just spoke with customer tech support at FreeStyle Libre Pro and they do not stand by their product for anything over 5 days(even though it is “guaranteed” for 14 days) as they believe that that will provide the endo with enough useable information; and, as well, where i was told that it was waterproof and that i could in fact swim with it without a problem, they do not stand by it being actually waterproof, but only water resistant.

they would neither replace the sensor nor refund my money. i will remember that when i am considering using their products.

Dexcom is the opposite; they are a wonderful company with an excellent tech support group. they stood by every product they sold. i wore their sensors for a year and a half. i couldn’t get them to work properly on my body, perhaps b/c i am simply too lean and didn’t have enough tissue for proper insertion; so they would come off, or hit a nerve, a capillary, or muscle going in. i could never get more than 3 consecutive days out of one; i KNEW, seemingly, every staff member they had in their company. they MUST have had a file on me as thick as can be. but NEVER once did they deny me a replacement sensor. NEVER ONCE. and, they would over-night it next day air with their appologies.i would recommend DEXCOM to anyone.

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Do you want to give them another shot?

i would love to give it another shot, but what would i expect to be any different?

I think they have made improvements in the past few years. It’s not as quick as a BG test, it would not be as good for right before you swim to give you an exact BG, but for sleeping it might show you a trend. And it can wake you up with an alarm if your BG was high or low.

are you refering to the dexcom sensors, eric?

i dont have trouble sleeping at night, b/c i wake up several times to P and then i test before getting back into bed. my over-nights are pretty consistent.

but which sensor are you talking about? the dexcom? i’m confused

This was VERY disappointing of Abbott. In other words, (a) the adhesive is not waterproof and (b) the 14 day expectation is not an expectation. Very, very poor company behavior and customer support.

I think you should make an entry on Abbott for the FreeStyle Libre pro under the Vendors in the forum and state your thoughts there too.

thanks michael; just reported them on the Vendors Site. what a true disappointment.

Yes, I’m just saying they have been making improvements to the Dexcom sensors. Maybe you should think about trying it again.

I am not a huge fan of CGM, but it’s worth trying I think, if your first try was years ago…

for example, what improvements have they made? i know its a useful tool for many reasons, but it was such a horror show for me that the improvements would have to be significant; especially that they would have to accommodate my body type. i literally havent an ounze of fat on my stomach.

( i still have my G4 & G5 receivers and transmitters, all i would need is to purchase the sensors themselves. )

@daisymae, this was such an interesting report that I thought it would be worth having a separate mention in the vendors area of our forum – let me know if you agree:

  1. I created a thread in your name and combined your words from several posts to assess Abbott as a vendor in this thread: Abbott: Freestyle Libre Pro

  2. I also copy-pasted your assessment of Dexcom in this thread: Dexcom

If you don’t like it, let me know and I’ll take them both off.

michael, thank you. i DO like it and please keep them posted on the sites as you saw fit. i believe everyone should know about the customer service details before committing to working with a company. it will be a long-term relationship, and you should know who your going to be dealing with.

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I feel just the same :slight_smile: I really enjoy having long term relationships with vendors who are worth it.

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