Abbott: Freestyle Libre Pro

My endo put me on the Freestyle Libre for 2 weeks. i thought that it would be VERY helpful to wear the sensor for another 2 weeks so that i could see how i responded to the changes. my insurance wouldn’t cover it, so i payed OOP ( very $$$$ at $350) . i discussed it with my husband and we both felt strongly that it was a very worthwhile investment.

so the nurse hooked me up, again promising me that i would have no problem swimming with it and to come back in 2 weeks so that it could be downloaded. well, i did NOT get my money’s worth. after the first week, it peeled off in the swimming pool. i tried pushing it back in, but it didn’t stick. so i called my endo, and he instucted me to put it into a sandwich baggy and bring it in with me to our next scheduled appointment.

i really thought i should get my $$$ back. i mean 7 days does not tell a very clear story; at least in my mind. i wanted him to be able to see the difference between my swimming days and my non swimming days; my over-nights when i have swam hard and long, vs, just a moderate swim day. i wanted to see how these new basal rates were adjusting.

I just spoke with customer tech support at FreeStyle Libre Pro and they do not stand by their product for anything over 5 days(even though it is “guaranteed” for 14 days) as they believe that that will provide the endo with enough useable information; and, as well, where i was told that it was waterproof and that i could in fact swim with it without a problem, they do not stand by it being actually waterproof, but only water resistant.

they would neither replace the sensor nor refund my money. i will remember that when i am considering using their products.

Dexcom is the opposite.

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