Abbot Libre Pro: I would not recommend them to anyone

i recently used the Abbot FreeStyle Libre Pro Sensor for 14 days. i was told that it was waterproof and that i would have no difficulty swimming with it. it worked fine. it was not uncomfortable and i hardly noticed that i was wearing it. after the 14 days, i went to my endo where he downloaded it and was able to see my BG patterns. he then used the info to make basal rate changes in my insulin pump.

i was so impressed that i decided to pay OOP for another 14 days with a new sensor (my insurance wouldnt cover 2 sensors in a period of one month) so that i could see how the new basal rates were working for me. we thought that it would be a good investment. it was NOT cheap; $350 !!!

anyway, after just 5 days it pealed off. my endo assured me not to worry; to put it into a plastic sandwich bag and bring it to his office the following week; he assured me that there would be enough info that he would be able to use it to make helpful decisions.

well, for $350 down the tubes, i called Abbot and reported what had happened. they told me 2 things: that it was enough time that my endo could use the info already received on the sensor, and 2, that it was in fact NOT waterproof only water resistant and they would not replace it.

i was on the Dexcom Sensor for 1 1/2 years and never had any problems with customer support or their tech team. they stood behind EVERY one of their products. they walked me through technical errors, they helped me with using their products, AND, they replaced any products that did not live up to their expectations. no exceptions. and, not only would Dexcom replace their sensors, they would send them over-night air, FedX. now that is a company worth working with.

Abbot’s representative was rude and disloyable to this customer. i would not only NOT recommend them to anyone, but i would disway anyone from using their products.