Started the libre

So I started the libre today, it costs quite a bit so IDK if I’ll stick to it if it isn’t amazing, but I mostly wanna try it for the sake of easiness on my job to keep frequent testing without having to get everything out all the time, as I feel like due to medicaid restrictions I was slacking on testing, and it’s one way to get back into it…if the libre reads odd, more reason for a finger stick I guess? But otherwise it’s proving to be something that might make it easier for me at work as long as I ask them nicely if I can keep my phone on me to scan my sensor. I figure if I can stick with this and put up with it, might try to get a dexcom on my new private insurance …but due to my pump hating past, I wanna try to keep something on me and get used to something on my body. I realize it’s kinda crazy/silly considering it may not last well on me (will explain) and a dexcom would likely last better due to the fact I could hide it more lol…we’ll see. Application was easy as heck and painless to me so there’s that. I like the app too, seems simple enough and explains the application and whatnot 100% better than the paperwork that comes with it lol.

My only real concern is making it last 14 days. I work dementia care as a cna , I have violent residents and grabby ones where there is some degree of concern with that. I’m putting tegaderm on it because I’m worried about that. Not sure if that’s the best route, but I figured it’s at least a safe option. Would the customer service line cover this? I have no idea lol


I’m a big fan of the Libre and have just downloaded the app today. I agree it’s a clean, intuitive app. It was also very easy for my mom to get her phone set up with LibreLinkUp so she could see my real time… swipes.

For what it’s worth, I also learned today you can keep the reader running as well as your phone by just starting up a new sensor with your reader and then swiping with your phone to join session. It’s two readers for the price of one. Kind of.

Trying to think if there’s anything I could tell you about it… oh, about it getting torn out… 1. Abbott has replaced the only sensors I’ve accidentally torn off when I’ve called them and told them what happened. I don’t know if that’s changed, but it might be worth finding out if you’re watching your wallet with this stuff. Also, is there a place maybe on your inner, upper arm where you could kind of tuck it in next to your armpit? I am just tying to think of an out of the way spot. And have you ever used skin-tac?? I haven’t torn out a Libre since I started applying that on my skin before insertion.

Just some ideas. Hope you like yours!


I used shin guard sleeves in the summer to help to keep it on, you could also look into 3" self adhesive tape to create a stronger barrier…if they are really rough, you can also look into eversense… I love mine, but there will be a small scar on every removal… I have tons of scars, so I don’t mind a few more, and being able to remove it at will and reapplying with ease is what sold me on it. The bluetooth transmitter also recharges daily and lasts 1 year…but its not for everyone… my libre and dexcoms always came off in the snow…

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I’d try the eversense, but no one around here really does it… So it’s dexcom or libre.

So far the tegaderm seems like the best option… As it also protects the sensor.

So far it’s becoming more accurate

Had a pressure low while napping, but yeah…

Edit; ok now it says 135 mg/dl and the contour next one says 154… Making me think that my adjustment on basaglar was a bad idea. Gonna have to start taking 19 again as it’s been 2 or so nights like this.

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It’s never been an issue for me at work, but I know a lot of folks who simply get a prescription that says “use phone apps to manage blood sugar.”

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Alright, so update.

Yesterday was perfect, spot on, pretty close to my meter. Today was until sometime tonight as it said 50 mg/dL for like hours even though I was in the 70’s and two tests an hour apart didn’t show any actual change. No symptoms , and I’m not unaware at all of hypos and feel them pretty strongly. Most the time even at it’s more accurate state it’s like…10ish off and I accept that as normal. I don’t accept nearly 30 numbers off as normal however and that’s how it’s been for a while today.

I’m not sure on the accuracy on this thing. I’m 4 days into it and the first 3 days were hit and miss on accuracy, then this one’s like…kinda sorta accurate when it feels like it… might not renew this rx after the 2nd one, if it continues to be like this, and just get more test strips of my insurance’s preferred brand (I think it’s freestyle or one touch anyway and I can do that) and just try to test more frequently. I trust my meter and I’d be ok with freestyle lite strips too as those are pretty accurate as well and I have a freestyle freedom lite meter that’d be fine I think? might need a battery change but yeah.

I wanna love it, I know I’m only 4 days in and I need more of a chance. It’s just iffy as hell on the accuracy and I had a bit of a reaction to the tegaderm (I had to redo the tegaderm, which I could do without budging the sensor at all? pretty cool but yeah, hurt my skin the 2nd time) and it’s kinda inconvenient on my arm when I have a resident that likely woulda pulled it off me if it wasn’t for the tegaderm :confused: . I would call the customer service line and request a new sensor but I’m like 100% not sure it’ll get me anywhere. Have to wonder if my highs are some weird reaction to the libre as well as I used to test a lot, never saw 200’s or anything above 150 mg/dL like at most ever ?? But it’s given me highs every night and purely random lows while I sleep that may or may not be pressure related.


I am sorry your sensor isn’t matching your actual blood sugar values. This is a tough problem. We fortunately haven’t had that with the G6 much, but we did have G5 sensors that were off, and it was frustrating. I unfortunately, think you need to use more of them and try to identify when it is right and wrong. The data is still helpful, especially the trends (i.e. up/down/level) even when the number is off a bit. Also, make sure you are hydrated, the site was a good one, etc etc.

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Are you saying your actual BG is high or just that your Libre is showing you’re high when you’re not?

I don’t know if this is appropriate to your comment, but the Libre overshoots often in my case. If I have a very rapidly rising BG or I’m just high and continuing to rise, my Libre might reflect a value that is 30 points higher than my actual BG. Because of this, I know to test before I give myself a big correction. In general, it won’t ever tell me I’m high if I’m not, but it might show a 242 when I’m 214… something like that. I’ve noticed my G6 also can do this on the first couple of days but usually settles down. I once read somewhere, and @Chris would know if this has any truth to it better than I, that sensor that do not require calibration (which would be both the Libre and G6) often swing wider than actual values. In reality, I just keep it in mind, and if ever I’m not sure, I finger stick.

Have you read @DaveJ’s thread on alternative sites? (Please forgive me if that’s not DaveJ’s thread :grimacing:).

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I still recommend eversense… I normally go to a diabetic center who stressed Dexcom, but I decided that if I had to pay out of pocket anyway, I’d rather use new technology and it turned out its been less expensive due to the bridge program, and I only had to drive 30 minutes for the surgery. The eversense rep oversees the first surgery and is usually present during all surgeries, the endocrinologist, nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant has to do 3 implants before they are certified, so its still an option if the libre doesn’t work. With the miao miao 2, you can use xdrip and as long as you calibrate during a non meal time, you can help the xdrip algorithm with accuracy…when I was using the libre, I used the reader to start, and used xdrip exclusively… it can also easily work with android wear or Google wear watches

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I was wondering if any nsaid’s were used when your numbers were off…I think libre tried to alter the algorithms for Tylenol, but nsaids are not the Same…when I took aleve for a minor toothache, the libre was running about 50-70 points lower…Tylenol usually artificially raises glucose levels, so I think there are many contraindications… they are just trying to avoid listing them…I would not be surprised if aspirin or ibuprofen affected it also…I thought I had a bad sensor, then I remembered taking aleve, remembered that libre claimed to have fixed the Tylenol problem…and 8 hours later, my levels were normal again… the problem affected xdrip also…so it might be a libre sensor issue…

Both usually… It’s strange to me though because I rarely encounter highs like that. it has given me plenty of false highs and lows too though, IDK what to think. I may try an alternative site , but I worry I’ll mess it up lol.

I’m trying my best to stick with it and use it for a while, but it’s so wildly off sometimes I hate the idea of spending $70 a month on 2 sensors with this going on. Do I expect perfection? No, but I feel like it’s off like way too often?? Maybe the 2nd sensor will be better. I might wait a week or something to put it on since someone brought up nsaids when I’m getting dental work on the 28th and may need Advil. I took some this week and that could be part of it but I’m not sure. Wish I could calibrate it without an extra app or something.

Like Roger mentioned miaomiao and xdrip but IDK if I wanna jump on that yet. Gonna see with the second sensor… should I need extra apps, they should work fine, I have a Google pixel 3a .


I was also frustrated by the (lack of) accuracy and wished for a calibration option. I have since switched over to XDrip and can recommend giving it a try, at least for a while.

Right now my settings have a fixed slope, which means that the relative change is determined by the factory calibration. Then the finger-stick calibration just shifts the entire range up or down. I calibrate when I’m stable a the lower end since that’s where accuracy matters the most.


It got most accurate in the last 3-ish days? Go figure.

I ended it a bit early, like almost a day early but not quite. I just want a little break from it already and it was feeling a bit like…itchy and raggedy lol D: .

So one sensor down, but I’ll start the new one tomorrow.

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Sorry to double post, but new sensor started on my left arm let’s see how this goes

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I hope your second sensor is better. I find the Libre can be a bit off for the first 24-48 hours (same as Dexcom) but after that become more accurate. My sensor is usually within 1 mmol/L (18 mg/dl) of a finger stick reading. I don’t mind that. Sometimes it’s up to 2.0 mmol/L off (36 mg/dl), and even that I don’t mind, although I might test more on those days. Overall, I use it for trends, not absolute readings. If I’m high or low and not experiencing those symptoms, I’ll test. If I plan on taking a huge correction, I’ll test. But I’ve gone days without testing and it’s been okay. I’m curious what my A1c would be like now that I’ve been using it for three months and hardly testing. I’ll be getting that done this week, so shall be interesting to see.

So far I dislike how I did my site this time… Ugh. Tegaderm’d it again because I keep bumping this one more.

Might not stay on it after all. Might be discrimination but, can’t use it at my job as freely as I like. I’m told by my Libre openly, as it involves my phone, my job has a pretty strict cellphone policy and I’m told to try to scan it in the bathroom… Ugh. Mostly discovered my trends though…

Do you have a Libre reader? It only costs $49 (at least in Canada) and it’s an alternative to using a phone. It’s what I use at work because I can use it in meetings or at other times without looking like I’m checking texts.

I think that is discrimination… and is illegal, no? I would think that would be an accommodation that would have to be made, especially if not scanning prohibits you from making timely and informed decisions.

Your job really sounds like a beast. It definitely sounds like being able to monitor your blood sugar with any kind of consistency is a challenge. Is there a reason you wouldn’t feel comfortable scanning outside of the bathroom? I mean, do you agree? If not, I think you’d be able to get them to allow it.

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Looks like the blucon NightRider now works with the us 14 day libre, but I’m not sure if it works with xdrip or only their libre link app, which I was not a fan of due to the lack of watchface integration. watchfaces would be helpful to you once you have an android wear or now Google wear watch, xdrip, blucon or miao miao2 …which they are currently sold out of…I still think the self adhering 3" tape would help…and maybe until you get the blucon, miao miao 2, and watch, use the libre reader since its not going to interfere with your work’s cellphone policy

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The Libre reader is great for the single task it was designed for. It’s small and has a decent scan range compared to the relatively small scan area of most phones. It even has just one single button that does all you need.

I see a risk though if you make the concession of using it instead of your phone at work. That could make it more difficult to go back to the phone in the future if you would like to do so. One reason might be to use an unofficial app that supports calibrations for better accuracy.

I have moved from manual scanning to an add-on Bluetooth transmitter making everything easier. I also have a watch that shows the values transmitted from the phone. A quick glance at the watch is more socially acceptable than looking at the phone display.

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