Abbott FreeStyle Libre Direct to Apple Watch

Just noticed on Apple App store Ambrosia released LinkBluCon update, new NightRider displays FreeStyle Libre and Libre Pro readings on Apple watch without the iPhone. Users just need to install LinkBluCon app and switch connection to Apple watch from iPhone after initial setup.
This would be a great help for people with an active lifestyle and for caregivers to monitor glucose levels of people who can not keep phone all the time.

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I really really need to get my BS on a waterproof watch as I do a lot of ocean swimming and racing.
I use DexCom but could easily be persuaded to go to Freestyle Libra as I have used both. The problem with Dexcom (among others) is that in the water the transmitter will not transmit.
I have used Freestyle Libra at the pool and it works just fine. I don’t have an Apple watch but I have seen a video of an ocean swimmer using a SS3 watch and just holding it to her Libra and getting a reading. She even provided detailed directions on the set-up but if I were smart enough to follow them I would just invent a cure for Type 1 and skip the watch. I am wondering if anyone else has solved this issue and if they have actually used the LinBluCon in the water.

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In the lake the libre seemed to work OK, but it is still only waterproof in water, not salt water, and only for 30 minutes…I switched to eversense when the us 14 day stopped working with blucon and miao miao, so if I’m going to be in the ocean for more than 30 minutes, I just take it off. Ricksadick on another forum said he had false high readings after he went snorkeling in the Caribbean, and claimed abbot told him no ocean…

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