Kellogg's Special K Crustless Quiches for breakfast

Sometimes I get tired of getting the same eggbeater omelet and yogurt for breakfast. Last week, my mom found a new type of crustless quiche for breakfast that is pretty low-carb. I tried it, and I really like it for an occasional change:

The carb count is 6 gram. I think most of it comes from quinoa, which is pretty low GI for me. It is 170 calories. I end up being still hungry after 1 quiche, so I normally eat 1.5 quiches, that is 9 carbs and 250 calories. here is the label:

If you are vegetarian, or if you like less calories, there is another vegetarian version with fewer calories (130 instead of 170) but more carbs (8 vs 6):

Here is the label:

If you have T1D kids (or even normal ones), you should have them try those!


Thanks @Kaelan! Always looking for new ideas for Liam.


My mom found it at Costco!

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When you are looking for different eggs, make a fluffy omlette! Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites until stiff, gently fold back in the egg yolks that you beat gently, and then cook it on the stove for a minute before putting it in the oven for 10 minutes or so. Throw whatever you want into the omelette.

Also, don’t forget about poached eggs, those are nice for a change.


Hey @Kaelan thanks for sharing!!!

I love scrambles with artichoke hearts and spinach or bacon or cheese. Sometimes just artichoke hearts and eggs. I buy giant jars of the artichoke hearts at Costco. :slight_smile:

EH loves to make what he calls a bachelor breakfast: eggs, sausage, zucchini. Usually the sausage is precooked like an Adelles sausage so it’s quicker.

We eat a ton of eggs. :egg: :upside_down_face:


I found a similar product, mini frittatas, by Jimmy Dean that I thought was good on days when I want an egg breakfast but have no time whatsoever. It says no carbs in the description which is a total lie, there are 9g, but that’s a level that works for me. They remind me somewhat of Starbucks egg bites, but the texture is different (not as fluffy, since not sous-vide), and they come in several flavors including a vegetarian option.

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I really like bacon and cheese, too, and spinach also :smile: But I totally don’t go for artichoke hearts: my dad likes to cook them in all kinds of dishes, but I don’t like them any way at all. Still, I have to eat them because I am not allowed to leave veggies and fruits uneaten at home.

[quote=“TravelingOn, post:5, topic:3270”]
bachelor breakfast: eggs, sausage, zucchini. Usually the sausage is precooked like an Adelles sausage so it’s quicker.
[/quote] I really like these kinds of breakfasts! I’ll ask my dad to try putting zucchini in it. Often he puts celery or fennel, but I really like zucchini (peeled I like even better, it’s not bitter at all).

Thanks @cardamom, that looks great!

How did you find out about the carbs? Did you calculate it from how much you peaked? I thought the seller had to put them in the nutrition info if there are carbs.

It says no carbs on the front of the package, but 9g in the nutritional info. I don’t know how they are able to make that claim on the front though, it’s really misleading, but hopefully anyone concerned would read the real label.