Iphone 11 and dexcom g6

Does anyone have any information as to when Dexcom will be updating to operate with iphone 11? I am in the market for a new phone and may have to purchase an earlier model.

I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro and have no issues with the Dexcom G6 app

Very interesting. I have read online that there are many times through the day when the dexcom app and iphone 11 drop communication. Thank you for your input.

You have to agree to pair the phone with Dexcom when the pop-up window randomly appears. The dropouts are an iOS 13 thing because Apple made significant changes to their Bluetooth connectivity and are not limited to the iPhone 11. I’ve never had a single dropout since upgrading to this phone.

iOS 13.2.x has significant BlueTooth issues.
The 13.3 update is supposed to resolve the Apple BlueTooth problems.

We are currently running both the Dexcom G6 Mobile App and the Follow app under iOS 13.3 and are not seeing any problems.

Other than the stupid sporadic nag screen that says the app is not tested on this OS or whatever it says.

I’ve had an iPhone 11 since the day it was released. At first, there were a lot of communication dropouts. Luckily, my pump also shows my BG. I don’t see those dropouts anymore — I don’t know if it is due to new releases of iOS 13, new versions of the Dexcom app, new transmitter, or a combination. But it is working fine now. YMMV of course.