Insulin Middlemen take more than 50% of the net insulin revenue (2014-2018)

Sad to see that as the manufacturers and the insurers make less on a vial of insulin the middlemen (Pharmacies and PBM’s) have filled the gap and take home an unconscionable amount of the insulin revenue diabetics need to stay alive rather than letting the price fall.


and not only insulin…I was comparison shopping Dexcom sensors, they were up to $200 more for a pack of three at a medical supply co than at walmart, and pretty sure walmart is not selling them at a loss.just closer to cost. The Durable Medical supply companies seem to be able to charge anything they want and insurance pays for it (and we all pay more in higher premium prices, deductibles, etc) and insurance often makes it impossible or impractical to price shop (walmart is not a participating pharmacy for my insurance) All they want to worry about is out of pocket cost (when I have asked about cost they always say it doesn’t matter because all I should worry about is out of pocket cost), when again in reality those super high prices get paid by employer, or us, or medicare etc in the resulting increasing premium costs, which could be paying for expansion of coverage, reduction in co-pay and deductible.


+1 one on @3cTim’s comment as well as @Chris’s OP. It applies to all prescription drugs; there is nothing magic about insulin and it would make no sense to me if pharmacists just did this just to insulin, or just to diabetic prescription medication when the algorithm applies to all prescription drugs.

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very true, it is a system in need of reform imho

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