NPR story on challenges of obtaining supplies



That is a very good article…thanks! My insurer finally came around after a few years of prior auth hassles for CGM supplies. Maybe the insurers finally are learning the definition of “Continuous”

I’ve always thought that each of our state insurance commissioners could push for better coverage of CGMs. Maybe this article will help light a fire with the regulators about CGM coverage gaps.


My God this is a good article. I am struggling to pay for Omni Pods and Dexcom G5 to the tune of close to almost $800 per month out of pocket. We were forced to a crap insurance when my wife’s company was acquired by the largest prescription and medical supplies distributor, McKesson. Their insurance is more expensive per week in payroll and covers nothing related to my Type 1. Between Tufts/Cigna and the devil himself CVS Caremark, I’m in debt for the first time in my life and it sickens me.


Kind of sad that you don’t get good insurance from a company that makes their money in the medical space.


Isn’t that the truth @Chris pretty sad although I believe a lot of companies are moving to limited option high deductible medical plans because of the cost.

Worst part other than pods and Dexcom out of pocket is CVS Caremark actually has the nerve to cut back my test strip order by 100 strips every 3 months telling me I shouldn’t need to test my BG as often as I did Plus they forced me away from One Touch VerioIQ that I loved to get stuck on crapoy Accu-Check Avia. They require like a pint of blood to get a test reading. I wasted so many strips mostly because I just don’t bleed like I used too, getting through the scar tissue isn’t easy anymore. I wound up having to go to Walmart and buy strips. Now how is that acceptable or legal that the insurance companies are making medical decisions that are against what my Dr ordered.

When we 1st switched I called to make sure my supplies and prescriptions were covered. When I had her check Omni Pods she told me, are you sitting down, Omni Pods are not covered but the alternative is an Accu-Check Glucose Meter. Can you believe that? I went off on this woman and let her know how stupid she actually is if she honestly thought a Glucose meter is an alternative to an insulin pump, smh…

I may look out on the open market next year because McKesson is closing all 8 locations of the company my wife worked for going on 8 years. Everyone is losing their jobs February 28, 2020 :cry:


I recently changed insurance, and just placed first order for dexcom sensors. Was lucky to have contact from insurance, who quickly identified correct DME company that will accept new insurance.

Called supplier yesterday, and now waiting for them to do pre-auth. Notified Endo to let them know they would be contacted for RX and auth info. Now its wait and see. Hoping for quick processing, but not getting my hopes up too high.