I know I shouldn't do it, but it works


Because Liam still throws huge fits when it’s time to change the POD, about a month or two ago I came up with a “little white lie” that I now tell Liam and it really helps him throw NO fit at all…

The little white lie I started telling him is that there is a setting in the PDM for a “little shot” versus a “big shot”. Whenever I’m changing Fred now, he always says “Make sure it’s the little shot”…then I do that (make believe I’m doing it), and he throws no fit at all.

Is that SO wrong? :stuck_out_tongue: Will he hate me when he’s older and finds out it was all a lie?


That’s genius. Totally baller.


I’ve known for the longest time that it’s mostly psychological so that was my way around that…I know I shouldn’t have. I like to be honest with my kids…but damnit it was going on 3 years of tear jerking fits every 3 days.


I don’t even think it’s really lying. It’s giving him some control to give him some added coping for a very big thing in his life.

Kids need that.


Well it is…both. lol.


The way I would handle it is to lie while he is young, try to keep the truth from him as he grows older, then, if ever confronted, convince him it’s a false memory he has of it ever occurring— making good use of “self-doubt”.

Hope that makes you feel better about your smaller crimes. :grin:

But you should know I threaten shots all of the time and have even been known to fake tears.




It’s a more much reasonable lie than stuff about the guy in the big red suit at the mall, in my opinion :wink:


I never even thought about that. Ok, now I feel fully justified. Thanks you all! :slight_smile:


Just so we’re all clear, @Nickyghaleb’s PARENTING advice is to PLAN to gaslight Liam when he gets older to cover your lies now.

I now respect her even more.


@glitzabetes, right?? And we started that Elf on the Shelf nonsense this year…and then I’d forget to move the darn thing…and then I had to lie even more to my kids about how the Elf hasn’t adjusted to our time zone yet bc he spied on a family across the world last time so he didn’t know it was time to move spots overnight…so many lies!!


And it is HARD to get respect around here, but I’ve finally found a way in.

Respect. :fist:


No and no!

After participating in forums I’ve come to a huge appreciation for parents and children with diabetes. When I change my pod and it “bites” I wince and think of the children who don’t fully understand and their parents, who do. Hugs all around.

Do what you need to do, with love and understanding, it will be returned 100-fold!



Plus you know,
“Oh really, you don’t see the little shot option on the PDM? How strange… they must have removed it for some reason!”


Then he comes to these forums and reads all these discussions. hehehehehehe. What fun it will be!


That’s game over.


Does he believe in Santa? He may forgive you about the pod, but never Santa!


Whoa, hang on! Wait a minute! Are you telling me there is not really a “big” shot and “little” shot setting on the PDM? :thinking:


No, I don’t think it is so wrong. You know your kiddo, and honestly what parent wouldn’t’ do whatever they could to minimize the pain their kids experience. It is so unfortunate that your son has to deal with this, that I can’t believe there is any issue that would arise from the “little shot”