[FIRSTS] - First full change-out (POD and CGM) w/o waking Liam up (05022020)

I guess he was just especially tired this morning but usually when I change out Bob (CGM) and Fred (POD) when he’s asleep, he wakes up. Usually the POD shot is what wakes him up. I’ve never even tried changing Bob out while he’s sleeping (full change-out…taking off the old (plus removing the old tape with Unisolve) and installing a new one with transmitter + tape). Also, removed the old POD, installed the new one, cleaned both old sites with alcohol wipes and added bandaids/neosporin to both old sites.

Probably a unicorn but I love anytime I can do any change-out without him ever knowing it’s happened. :smiley:



Also convenient when the pod and sensor changes happen on the same day, because you only need to gather all the stuff once.


Yeah, they only line up like this about once per month.

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It is nice you are able to minimize the trauma for your son. Is he still frustrated by the changeouts?


Nah, not really anymore. He still cringes a little with the POD insertions, but all the screaming of the old days is over. This isn’t to say it still doesn’t hurt or is uncomfortable, though, so anytime I can change these things out without him knowing, I like to give him some peaceful changeouts whenever possible.