[FIRSTS] Liam's first POD related injury (10262017)

We changed his POD today and this is what we found under it. :cry:

No worse feeling than inflicting pain and injuries unto your own child as the “lesser” of the two evils. There isn’t any “winning”…he hates everything about the CGM and POD still and cries like he’s dying still when we have to change them out (going on 2 years later), and today we found this under his POD as we were doing the change out.

Makes me want to go out and punch a few stop signs and yell at the divine entities more…

:cry: No, there really isn’t. I am so sorry (for Liam AND for you).

I’m sorry. :frowning_face:

Where was it?

I saw one like that once, and it was caused by being right between two muscle lines. Whenever the muscle contracted, it put pressure on the edge of the pod and pressed it into my arm. I didn’t notice it until removing it, and it took me a while to figure out exactly what caused it. Anyway, it looked exactly like that. The edge had just been pressed in over and over for 3 days.

Right upper thigh

Is it in a spot that when he sits or moves his leg, the edge of the pod would get pushed into his skin? If he is lying down or sitting down or walking, is there a movement you can see that would make the pod dig in? When he is wearing pants, are they snug enough that the pant leg would push the pod up into his skin when he walks?

I am guessing the red mark is the cannula spot. So I would guess that something was pushing the bottom of the pod up toward the cannula edge.

Here is mine just to compare, because once I figured out the cause, it became obvious what had happened.


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Yes, there is a chance it was possibly just too high and, as he was sitting, somehow his stomach or pants/shorts put too much pressure on it. I know yesterday, he was walking upstairs and suddenly said "Papa, I hurt Fred (that’s what we call the POD…“Bob” is his CGM…they got named because, when we first started out we were just using the CGM and we were first putting it on his stomach and I named it “Bob the Belly Buddy”…the name stuck for the CGM from then on. So we had to give the POD a name too.)

Anyway, I digress…he was coming upstairs and said “Papa, I hurt Fred”. I checked immediately and didn’t see any issues, it was connected at the front and back, nothing was lifted, etc., But if not the pressure from the location, maybe he did something too it on the way up the stairs. It’s a very dark ugly mark. Crushes me to think I did this to him. I know it’s necessary, but it doesn’t make it feel any better.


Sorry about all that.

Lemme digress a minute. When I came home from the hospital, for the first few weeks my mom couldn’t give me my shot. It hurt her too much to do it. She would cry and had to call my dad to come home from work to do the shot. I was 5. So he would drive home, do my shot and drive back to work. I knew the only way my mom would ever be able to give my shot is if I didn’t flinch and acted like it didn’t hurt. So I sucked it up just so she wouldn’t cry any more. We practiced with oranges until she was able to do it.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. He will be fine.

On a more practical note, keep an old pod to use as a template. When you are picking your spot, use an old pod to see if there is a movement that would cause it to dig in or rub the wrong way in the new place you are planning to use.


Oh man. I am sorry. I know you are crushed because you think you hurt your boy, but I will say that you are doing an overall excellent job. And I know Liam has benefited from having you and @ErinElizabeth to help him with this whole D(-ang, dratted, diabetes) thing. We all get bumps and bruises along the way, and they heal and we move on. Liam will, and I figure he would want you to put it behind you too. Even if he’s at the screaming bloody murder phase. Heck, I know some little kids who sound that way for every diaper change!

I’ve personally found arnica cream to be a very helpful bruise healing substance - I keep it with me all most all the time and it seems to have very low interactions. Many non-hippies I know even love it. They sell an easier-to-find gel at Walmart or a pharmacy, but it’s sticky, and some hate it because of that. I prefer the cream. You might try it on that spot to see if it helps.

Boiron Arnica Cream for Pain Relief, 2.5 Ounces. Topical Analgesic for Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Leg and Foot Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain Relief and Arthritis. Natural Active Ingredient https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DEYEREY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_7uR8zbDMGSA4R

I love the Fred and Bob monikers. Brilliant! And easier to say! At 3 or 33 or 93!

Hugs to you guys. Mostly the adults. I think Liam will move on to the next fun thing quickly.


Sounds like you were one tough, and caring, 5 year old. I know these things are bound to happen, but diabetes just sucks sometimes. The last thing a parent ever wants to do is hurt their child…anytime I see one of these marks in the future I think it will always make me feel like total crap. :frowning:


Great tip! Thanks!


Sending you and Liam hugs!


But take solace in the fact that it probably hurt you more than it hurt him. I can’t even imagine how difficult and painful it must be to be the parent of a toddler T1.


I feel for you, there is not many things worse than knowing you had a hand in hurting your child. I like you, wish there was more optional in the D world than there is. Hang in there.

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I had the exact same thing a few weeks back and my damage looked similar.

@TravelingOn will try the Arnica idea - I used it in the past but completely forgot about it.

[/JOKE] Do you have any scientific evidence or studies you can point to that prove your herbal mumbo jumbo? [/joke]


HA!!! Nope! But it is usually the joke that I am the girl running around town offering people arnica cream, literally all the time. I have drop shipped it to people from Amazon before. I talked some guy with a bum knee at my hairdressers into using it last month, and he’s totally a convert. Tells everybody about it now. :laughing: