I just got a SugarPixel!

It goes off when I get too low or high and it makes random beeps so I don’t get used to it! :smile:


Congratulations. That really is a beautiful thing :smiley:


I installed a hanging shelf on the wall beside his computer chair so that he can glance over easily to see his BGs without needing to look at phone or watch.

Also, as it beeps he’ll begin taking his own actions and informing me, instead of asking me what he should do. He knows well what to do, so my hope is that he uses this device to take actions during the day as the device alarms.

I told him I am not going to ask him to to anything during the night right now because I think he’s still too young to take that on. So he has 10pm - 0700 set as quiet time and won’t get any alerts.

On my nightstand is a second one and I have the puck under my pillow so I can still get notified during the nights and treat as necessary. (Hoping the puck works in my bedroom so that the alarms stop occasionally waking up my wife up.)

My goal is to start getting him used to waking up to the alarms himself when he becomes 12 or 13. That will give him a few good years of getting used to it before going off to college.

Also, we just found out today that Liam scored a perfect 600 again on his Math SOL that he took yesterday! I took him to dinner to treat him tonight.


The only thing i wish it had was the ability to set alarms based on trajectory. I don’t know of any devices or apps that do right now.

For instance, instead of getting alerted ONLY if he drops below 90, I would love to know if he was, say, 130 but double down!! If i have the low alert set at 90, but he is 90 double down, that’s late to avoid a low.

Liam, we discussed you getting into mobile app development…that would be a great coding project for you if you are looking for ideas. Everything this app has but that one extra thing. :slight_smile: I’m also going to reach out to the SugarPixel creator to see if it’s something that he could add to his backlog. :smiley: Should be an easy lift.


If you have whole home wifi it will work fine. My puck got a little warm so I taped it on my nightstand. It puts out a lot of noise so the alert will not be a problem. May wish to start at low settings.

Please extend my congratulation to Liam. Well done young man! :smiley:


That looks awesome!!! Thank you for sharing, @Liam-M !!!


This whole thread makes me smile :blush:

@Liam-M I’ve been thinking about getting a Sugar Pixel so I appreciate the visual perspective.

I hope you do decide to dabble with coding for a modified app (wish I had mad coding skills to do that, but I don’t)!