Hurricane Irma

With the devastation that Harvey caused one would think the US could get a break…but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case. Irma is now on it’s way west toward FL and projections indicate it could head up the East coast.

Anyone living in the area, my thoughts are with you over the next few days/weeks and I hope you’re spared much damage. This hurricane is larger than anything in recorded history at this point and it doesn’t look like it’s decreasing in size or speed; rather, increasing. Currently 185mph winds.

Anyone on the East coast around the shore lines that is mandated to evacuate, please know that our home is open to you if you need to to escape and have nowhere else to go.

Stay safe and if told to evacuate, please do so! Homes, cars, material goods are replaceable…your life isn’t!

Send PM if you need to take me up on my offer. (We live an 1.5 hours south of DC off of I-95)


I would like to add my invitation to Harold’s. We are further away (a very long day’s drive) from the coast, but our house is open to any and all D families who need temporary accommodations :frowning:

This invite is good for any other natural disaster too :slight_smile: We live in SE Wisconsin.


Good to see Americans helping each other!


@Boerenkool, I am a first-generation immigrant into the US. I love this country for many reasons. One of them is the natural and open generosity you find among so many people here.


I think that aspect of US culture is underappreciated over here.


@ClaudnDaye Thank you for your compassion. :hibiscus: :revolving_hearts: