Thinking of those in the path of Hurricane Harvey

I hope all FUD family in SE Texas stay safe!


My niece from Houston is visiting us and will be staying a couple more days now: the only good thing about this storm.


My college son is there right now, for a summer software internship. He spent the day working from home, as everyone in his office was asked to work from home today.

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Is he evacuating?

No. He tells me he is in hilly country far enough inland that he is not at risk. But they are expecting a ridiculous amount of rain, so much so that it seems outlandish to me.

Wait-and-see, then. Hope all will be well. Nameste. :pray:


I was wondering if there is a recommended way to donate diabetes supplies to people affected by the hurricane? It seems like most charitable organizations say that just donating money is most effective.


Hope he stays safe!
If he’s in Austin or the surrounding areas he probably should be safe as long as he doesn’t try to drive anywhere. Even with ordinary thunderstorms, flash flooding can be a big issue.

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