Thoughts with Texas

I’ve been following Harvey since it began and it’s becoming more devastating than originally predicted. Many thousands of people were told that they were far enough out or whatever that they could expect to receive only some heavy raining, but not much flooding and their entire subdivisions are now engulfed in 3 - 6 feet of rain. My hearts go out to them…I heard, among the many stories on the news, of one family stranded with 2 diabetic children needing rescued. If my boat was flat bottom, I’d start driving right now toward Texas. My heart just goes out to everyone there. I don’t necessarily feel sympathy for those in the zone who were told to evacuate and didn’t, but those in nursing homes, hospitals, homes, etc., where they didn’t even know a threat of flooding existed just breaks my heart for them.

I hope any of our members who happen to live in the area are OK.


My son was living in a coop until last week. Many cars in that parking got totaled by the beautiful mature trees that surrounded the parking lot coming down on them.

None of the kids got injured though (they are all students).

The neighborhood of the company where my son is interning got flooded. It is not clear if the office is flooded or not.

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I’m very tempted to hitch my boat up and head that way. It’s only a 20 hour drive. :frowning: Wish I had a bigger, flat-bottom boat and I definitely would…I just have a bass boat.


This has been floating around my FB newsfeed today (I’m in TX with several friends either from or in the Houston area). Stunning, and breaks my heart a little bit…I cannot even imagine the losses.


It’s a good and noble thought… but generally in my experience when good samaritans show up with their bass boats in situations like these it really has the potential to do more harm than good

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Has anyone heard from @docslotnick today? I know San Antonio is anticipating some flash flooding as well, though of course nothing on the scale of devastation in Houston.


I was stranded in the inner loop during tropical storm Allison and I still remember the surreal experience of trying to drive out of the area and being met by water on all sides.
But during that storm most places outside the Loop were high and dry, and you could drive within the Loop on lots of roads.
This seems like basically the entire city. Just horrible. There don’t seem to be any roads that are navigable.


I PMed him earlier today and he replied. He is okay.


I sent him emergency rations a couple months ago. He should be fine.


I’m fine. Just been very busy with cleanup and repair. No flooding, just heavy winds. We missed the bad stuff in San Antonio.


This is a relief to hear!


I saw this posted on Twitter. Does anyone know organizations who can help with reaching T1Ds who need help?


Well, that’s a relief. I was worried about you (and my son) a good part of the day.

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It seems that she has been able to get a hold of the right organizations. I am not sure what could be done from here.

From reading through it, it appears that it was not an issue with insurance or coverage, but just running out at the wrong time and not being able to restock because of the hurricane. Is that your understanding?

I have a bunch to give her, but mailing it to her won’t work. I would need to take a ride on @ClaudnDaye’s bass boat.

Might be a good time to highlight the many threads we’ve had about being prepared, not throwing out expired insulin, stocking up, having a safety stash. So many times we’ve been over that here.



And, if someone is in the twitterverse universe, after things have settled down a bit in Texas, maybe they can invite her to join us here on FUD.


Thank you all for your concern and well wishes!

Houston is a disaster, there is sporadic flooding in Austin, and San Antonio is relatively unscathed with business as usual today. The heavy rain only got as far south as New Braunfels on the I35 corridor.

My area got only about 3" of rain, but we had 60mph wind gusts Saturday and Sunday. The wind was pretty relentless.

This is the closest I’ve ever been to a hurricane and hope it stays that way :joy:


Glad I decided against it…I’m hearing reports now that boats are being rushed, and even shot at, by people who need rescued and can’t fit into boats. People are beginning to panic. :frowning: Rain is still coming down in many of the biggest hit areas.

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Those who live semi-local and want to donate some diabetes supplies, Stephen Ponder is working with a Houston nurse to deliver goods. This might be a feasible trip for those who live in Austin, San Antonio, Waco or even Dallas:

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So glad to hear you’re okay, @docslotnick!

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Hmmm… where is Caremark’s main processing facility? I requested a refill a few days ago and haven’t heard a thing since… I distinctly remember Caremark folks on the phone with me telling me how hot it is in Texas compared to where I live

Caremark is, I believe, the largest or second largest supplier of insulin in the USA