How should we refer to the site: FUD, FUDi or?

What is the right way to refer to the site when we want to use shorthand?

Do we use FUD, FUDi, or ?

Early on, @kenrick mentioned that he didn’t think FUD would be good, since the acronym also means Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. But I have noticed many are using it. So far, I have used FUDi in the official references – I think.

What are your thoughts?

Several “official” pages on the website need a shorthand reference to FUDiabetes, so we need some timely agreement on this matter :slight_smile:

I vote for FUDi. But is FUDi pronounced “FOO-DEE” or “FUDDY” or “FUD-DIE”?

I like FUD pronounced F-U-D


FUD, like Sam. Never heard of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (in acronym form) until you mentioned it

More feedback, please! Likes are OK as feedback.

[Edit] @Chris, I meant likes indicating which way you would prefer we refer to the site :slight_smile:

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Not Fud, like Elmer Fudd…

Not FUDi, like someone taking a picture of their food…

But F.U.D., like Eff…You…Dee


Sorry if mine was not clear also…this is what I was voting for also. FUD, or “Eff…You…Dee”…the actual letter pronunciations.


I vote for the abbreviation (FUD) rather than the acronym.

Any more feedback?

FUD – as an initialism.


One of many reasons why I love reading Britt’s posts: I always learn more words :slight_smile:


OK – FUD it is then! I’ll update the category names that refer to FUDi.