How Long Does a G5 Transmitter REALLY Last? **UPDATE-Transmitter Died** UPDATE-New Transmitter ***UPDATE-2nd Transmitter 😭



Dexcom might catch on if you keep buying one transmitter at a time :wink:


The problem is that I can only get them two at a time. My DME won’t send me just one.


You may have to find someone doing the same thing you are and have each order every other one. [Please note the advice given here was not meant to be construed as advice, and was simply a joke…]


Chris, I would be hard pressed to find someone as crazy as I am doing the same thing, and @Eric doesn’t use xDrip+


If I used x-drip, I would! As is, I’ve been stuck experimenting with expired sensors instead. I’ll make a post about that with my conclusions sometime soon (basic gist, worth trying them out if you’ve got them, especially if only 1-2 months out of date, but by 5-6 months, the quality degradation is significant, although mine were still usable/would be better than nothing at that point).


That’s worth a wiki!


I have not taken apart one of these sensors, but I am pretty sure that the battery drains in the box faster than you think because the Bluetooth is active in the box. The only difference to between in box and out of box is having a sensor connected which may or may not impact the power used.

Dexcom Canada says - “Your transmitter is covered under a limited warranty for three months, starting from the shipment date.” which says to me, they do not want these things sitting unused in a box.

Here is an update on my G5 transmitter use with xdrip:

First Transmitter lasted 199 days (~6.6 months)
Second Transmitter lasted ~60 days (2 months)
Third Transmitter - 29 days and counting

In Canada, you can only buy one transmitter at a time, so I do not have the 2 transmitter problem @docslotnick was describing; BUT…

I bought the transmitter 2 about 3 months after I bought the transmitter 1 because I wanted to have a spare in the event that transmitter 1 only lasted the advertised 3 months. So the second transmitter sat in a cupboard for about 4 months doing nothing useful. It only lasted 2 months in service, which is a month short of expected life. So I had the thing for 6 months total - 4 months collecting dust in the cupboard and 2 months of useful work.

If you look at this another way, both transmitter 1 and transmitter 2 worked for about 6 months after shipment.

I ordered transmitter 3 just after transmitter 1 died, so it was only sitting around for less than 2 months before I started to use it. It has been in service for about a month. So we are nearing the 3 month warranty period after shipment.

I want to order a new transmitter (no 4) now because I like to have a spare. The Dexcom website says my transmitter is still in warranty so I can’t re-order. If I count the time between when I ordered the last transmitter and when I am allowed to re-order it is about 82 days. Which is basically means I am only allowed to order a new sensor about a week before the previous one will be out of warranty.

Some pictures for those that like them…

First Transmitter - Just before Death

Second Tranmitter - Just before Sudden Death **

Stockpiling Dexcom G5 transmitters: how long do they last?

At least in the US, the G5 Transmitter is allowed a 5 month “shelf life” after shipping which does allow normal usage of ~90 days per transmitter in conjunction with the shipping of 2 transmitters at a time.

Frankly, it is kinda crappy that the Canadian Transmitters are not given just as good of a warranty.

[The G6 Transmitter Warranty is expected to be similar if not identical to the G5 warranty.]

Dexcom G5 User Manual

14.3 Transmitter Warranty Information
Dexcom G5 Transmitter Limited Warranty
What’s Covered and for How Long?
Dexcom, Inc. (“Dexcom”) provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser that the Dexcom G5 Transmitter is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for the period commencing on the date of first use by the original purchaser (the “Date of First Use”) and expiring three (3) months thereafter; provided, that, the Date of First use occurs within five (5) months of the date of shipment (or disbursement) of the transmitter to the original purchaser.
NOTE: If you received this Transmitter as a replacement for an in-warranty Transmitter, the Limited Warranty for the original Transmitter shall continue for the Warranty Period on the original Transmitter, but the replacement is not subject to any other warranty.


For the record - here is the Canadian wording from the Canadian G5 manual.


Nice to see it is hosted on an amazon server…


This may be a stupid question but while to keep your transmitter going for so long were you still changing the sensor every 10 days?



@MicroChip Welcome to FUD! And not a stupid question at all. I had to change the sensor about every 10 days-2 weeks, depending on it’s performance as usual. XDrip+ does not arbitrarily stop the sensor.


Thanks for this thread, @docslotnick.

I just reset my G5 transmitter with xDrip+

Had to google for instructions on how to enable Engineering Mode, then for the transmitter reset instructions. Found both and reset the transmitter. Time now shows 0 days, and the fib about the low battery has changed to OK.


@Randy. Just curious. Why did you reset the transmitter with xDrip+? Why not just let it run until the battery is really dead?
Or do you mean you somehow reset it to run after the battery was dead? I don’t get it.


Would this then allow standard dexcom receiver to read it, as though it were new?


@MM2 That must be it! It’s been so long since I’ve used a Dexcom reciever I guess I didn’t consider that.


I think I’m the only one that uses receiver anymore, still on G4 ! No smart phone.


You may be the only one, but as long as it is working for you, I say go for it!


I use both the receiver and xDrip+. The Dexcom receiver had been issuing warnings that the transmitter battery was low and would shut down soon. I thought that was built into the transmitter. If not, then all I did was keep the receiver running.

My G6 arrived, but I have to wait for “a week to two weeks” to receive from Dexcom an authorization code to update the receiver software to G6. I want to run the two side-by-side (of course) for at least one session.

Forgot to mention that the transmitter reset did not work the first time, and I moved the collector from my watch to my phone.


I started with dexcom seven, and the football receiver! Will likely skip G5, right on to G6 with tandem. And may get a smart phone one of these days.


Doc, so I’m a bit new to this forum. Can you catch me up on how you are getting all this extra time from the transmitter. I and my daughter have the G5 and are very happy with it but would love the cost savings an extra 3 months would bring. Thanks for your help!!