How Long Does a G5 Transmitter REALLY Last? **UPDATE-Transmitter Died** UPDATE-New Transmitter ***UPDATE-2nd Transmitter 😭



XDrip+ is the answer. It allows you to bypass the time to die counter in the transmitter.


Is there somewhere I can go to learn about it ? Is it an app for my IPhone? Thx!


@davbob No, xDrip+ is only for Android. If you have an iPhone you can do pretty much the same thing with Spike, which is forked from xDrip+.

I don’t know much about Spike, but we have some members who use it. You can see more here:

Search our forum for “spike” and you’ll see some valuable threads. I think @Katers87 is one user.


I’ve thought about trying it! Haven’t had a chance yet though.

I think @glitzabetes might be who you were thinking of.


I am new to this site. My Dexcom G6 transmitter and sensor died tonight and I haven’t taken them off yet. Is there a way to get them to work again by downloading the xdrip+ app?


Hi @Momof3pjjj. Welcome to FUD!

The short answer is maybe. You certainly can try, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t work.

Download the latest nightly version, run the data source wizard, and see what happens. If it connects then you know that the transmitter has juice.

Then start the sensor. If it has life left you’ll start getting readings.

Good luck! If you need any help you know where we are.


Good morning! Thank you for your response. Do I need to uninstall the dexcom app first?


@Momof3pjjj Yes. The two apps will not coexist on the same phone. You can, however, run the xDrip+ app on the phone and use the Dexcom receiver.


I haven’t been using the receiver after I upgraded from the G5 to the G6 so it is packed away in a box. :confused:


@Momof3pjjj. You can still use it, but you’ll need to upgrade it according to the instructions and code number given to you in your G6 welcome pack.


I called Dexcom and they helped me to do the update. Thank you!

I installed the xdrip+ I am attaching a screenshot of the system status and of the error messages I am getting.

I am hopeful it will work.


This is what it says now. It changed the transmitter days to 0. Any suggestions?


@Momof3pjjj Your transmitter resistance looks a little high, but the G6 battery info has not been totally deciphered yet.

Look in the log (three dot menu on the upper right of the xDrip+ home screen) and see if you ever had a successful connection with this sensor and transmitter.

If you’ve connected to the transmitter, but we’re denied a session due to the sensor, then it’s probably your sensor.

Also, you can hard reset your transmitter by opening the treatment applet ( the eye dropper icon on the xDrip+ home screen), tap the microphone and say “hard reset transmitter”.


Thank you thank you thank you! It is working!!!
This is what I did:

I reset the transmitter like you told me.

I updated the Dexcom receiver and set it up with the transmitter and sensor #s.

I started a new session and waited the 2 hour warmup.

The Xdrip+ communicated with the receiver and now they are both working. :grinning:

This is how the system status looks now…

I am very grateful! Thanks again!


@Momof3pjjj. You are very welcome. If you have any other problems with it, just let me know!