How do you access Loop error logs

This is a dumb question, but can someone tell me how to get to the error logs in Loop?

I see a lot of places in the code where errors are logged, but I don’t know how to get to them.

Things like this. How do I see it?

} else {
self.log.error(“Dropping unhandled glucose message: %{public}@”, String(describing: message))

Are you looking for errors during the build process or once it’s running on your phone?

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I was looking on my phone. I can’t find them there.

If I run Loop while it’s still connected to my Mac, I can see the errors in Xcode. So at least I can kind of troubleshoot that way.

@Eric I can’t help you but I must admit I thought you knew everything :grin: about everything to do with diabetes and stuff.

I hope you find a way to loop safely with the G7.

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@Eric You can take a look at the Loopdocs at: Settings - LoopDocs. Here’s the guidance:

Go to “Settings”, then “Support”. To get an “Issue Report” tap that row, you’ll see a message the file is loading. That message never goes away but the rest of the page fills in fairly quickly. After that happens, use the up arrow to see various options to save the report.

You also have the option to “Export a Critical Events Log”:

The last row under Support creates a zip (compressed file) with detailed app information over a 7-day period. … It creates a zip file containing each days JSON files including:

  • Alerts.json
  • Carbs.json
  • DeviceLog.json
  • Doses.json
  • DosingDecisions.json
  • Glucoses.json
  • Settings.json

The time stamps within the JSON files use UTC.

Hopefully either of the above suits your purposes.


I see it now @TomH, thanks!

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I gotta tell you, I am totally clueless about the Loop stuff. I am really old-school on my 'betes.

I have only been on a pump and CGM about 8 years. Compare that with 43 years of doing injections!


@Eric I just don’t want to believe it. Well you’re a great example and coach. I get a lot reading your posts.

BTW- I’m starting to get more my normal BG wise. I think I’ll be able to get back out on the road. This stationary stuff is okay but is really a poor substitute.