Dumb Loop questions

Hey Loop experts, this is a dumb question. I can’t remember how to find it!

I had a pod error today. I gotta call them to get a replacement. Where is the pod error code displayed in the Loop app?!?

It was happening during a bolus, so I am pretty sure it was an occlusion.

In the one case I had, it was a pop-up overlay that obscured the normal loop screen. If I were looking for it after the fact, I’d try settings (the gear in the lower right) and the Issue Report (second item in the settings, for me).

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I’m not at home right now looking at loop but I’m pretty sure it’s in the “issues” area. I’ll have to look when I get home if someone hasn’t definitively given the answer yet.

Yes, what @bkh said.

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I looked in there and I am not seeing any pod alarm codes. At least nothing I can give to Insulet support.

I wouldn’t worry about needing a code to give Insulet. The couple of time I called (admittedly prior to Loop) they just wanted a description of the event. What the others have said is where it would be, except I’d add the critical events log at Settings, Support, Export Critical Events; should be the last in a list of four choices.

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In LOOP v2.2.9 (the latest released version, not the dev beta) there doesn’t seem to be a Support area under Settings.

Anyway, what I actually did is take a screenshot when the pop-up announced the pod failure. If Eric could use his time machine to go back…


I am not sure Loop ever captured the event. I heard the pod alarm and tried to deactivate it, which didn’t work. And then I took the pod off and poked it with a paperclip to get it to be quiet.

I didn’t look at Loop until later. So It may have never received the alarm.

You have to look for the fault codes. Those codes translate into the actual errors that occurred. Those codes are in the Issue Report.