High Sugars from Psyllium?

Hi! I’m a type 1 on a pump, newer to this board. Not sure if this category is the correct place for this message, since it’s a supplement, not a medicine…

My new dietician/diabetes educator recommended psyllium powder to help lower blood sugars, cut cholesterol, yada yada……

I tried the psyllium powder for 4 days, and it raised my blood sugar to the 270’s - TWICE on 2 different days - and I had a hard time reducing my sugars!!

This all stopped when I stopped taking the psyllium.

Has any type 1 had psyllium raise their blood sugars??

I’m waiting for a different brand psyllium to be delivered to try… just trying to figure out what might be going on with the psyllium sugar rise!!


Interesting. I’ve not heard of this before. I used psyllium with a glass of water to add fiber before and I don’t believe it effected my BGs.

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I have not noticed a BG rise from it.

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Some psyllium had added sugar—- I assume you’re buying the ones that are labeled sugar free? I’ve not had any problems with the sugar free ones…. They’re actually advertised to stabilize blood sugars


how about trying chia seeds instead?. Great fiber and far more nutritious than psyllium. I put mine in my evening yoghurt with a small teaspoon of jam and some almond butter. Delicious! My dog gets some also


I do this, too. I add chia, flax and hemp seeds, with various berries and fruit, to yoghurt. It is delicious!


Diabetics use psyllium that is “sugar free”- I use Orange flavor Sugar Free Metamucil regularly. No BS spikes!
Best to you…

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