Spiking from Different Foods and How We Handle It

i have been looking for a thread about spiking, and the only one i have seen is about coffee (which is one of the foods that causes me to spike) sometimes, i will eat something (like yogurt) and will not spike immediately but i will find my BGs spiking in about 2 hours for absolutely NO apparent reason. i used to spike with milk (2%) , but after much trial and error, i found that if i double my carb intake for 1 Cup, say, for instance, the milk has 13 gms of carbs per cup, i count for almost 26 gms. it works perfectly, and there is no aftermath crazy high BG numbers. if i don’t bolus this way, i will end up in the 300s. no kidding. and i have the same reaction with yogurt, but i haven’t figured out the right formula for it yet.

at first i tried a dual bolus over 1 hour. then i extended it to 2 hours. and on and on. but then i thought “what the heck, i’ll try double bolusing and see what happens” and that is how i came to my secret formula.

what ordinary foods do you eat that spike you? and, how have you managed to continue to eat them without spiking?

i would love to hear back from any of you. it would be a huge help for me…and, no suggestion is off limits :wink:

thanks in advance,
Daisy Mae

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I really like Chobani yogurt flips, especially the Key Lime and Almond Coco Loco ones. Both cause me to spike. Rather than increasing units of insulin, which for some reason never works for me, I decided to try adding chia seeds to the yogurt. For me that works. I add a tablespoon of chia seeds to yogurt and BG is great, if I don’t then I spike to over 200. Yogurt + chia seeds, 2 hour BG 118, 4 hour BG 100. I am happy with that. I tested this several times and those are pretty representative of the post yogurt + chia seed BG’s. Some are even lower, but I posted the highest ones here. I wish I knew specifically why this works, but other than extra fiber, I have no idea.

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what are chia seeds and how do i find them? also, how did you happen to come across this experiment? it sounds so exciting !!!

Chia seeds are from the Salvia hispanica family of plants. I buy organic raw chia seeds from Walmart. A large jar is $8.62 and last a long time. I also eat chia seed pudding for breakfast and that has enabled me to decrease my morning insulin dose by 20%. I add chia seeds to salads too.

I just thought if the seeds didn’t cause any appreciable BG spike for breakfast, adding them to other things might be helpful.

The seeds can also be used in recipes as a substitute for eggs. They from a gel when liquid is added to them.


I really like bread, any kind of bread. Bagels, French bread, artisan breads, I’ve never met a bread I don’t like. But no matter what I do bread spikes me. So now bread is a treat I only partake of when I’m low.

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bread use to spike me terribly. but once i began introducing it little by little into my meals, it stopped spiking me. i dont understand what made this happen, it just did. maybe my body just needed and adjustment period.

before this, the only way i could eat bread was by doing a dual bolus of 50/50 % over 2 hours; for example, if i wanted eggs and an English muffin for bfast, i would bolus for the eggs and the muffin with the dual bolus on board for the extra
2 hours. (this drove me nuts, though, b/c i would end up having all this IOB for the afternoon, and i would screw up my lunchtime meal)

PS: i am addicted to bread of any kind as well. bread with butter or cheese is up there as one of my favorite meals in the entire world :smile: .


I love bread too, any kind. Way before being diagnosed diabetic, I would bake my own breads. My mother loved Irish raisin bread, so I made that for her often. There isn’t enough insulin on planet earth to enable me to eat breads or grains anymore.

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what do they taste like and how big are they? are they easy to mix into yogurt the way you would mix in almonds, etc???

one trick that i learned was that if i want to eat any bread at all, i need to eat it w/ protein.

dont know if that helps any. i hope it does.

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I would recommend getting only a small amount of chia seeds to start with if possible (if you have a place near you that sells bulk grains, nuts, etc, they might do it out of bins), just to make sure you like them. I know some people here love them, but much as I wanted to, just couldn’t make myself like them. The texture is pretty different (sort of… mucus-y, IMO) from pretty much anything else I can think of in a typical North American diet.

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They are very tiny. They don’t really have much of a taste. When you add them to the yogurt, they form a gel around each seed. They mix in easily and don’t alter the taste of the yogurt.

My chia pudding recipe (There are lots of chia pudding recipes online, I modified this one to suit my tastes:)

1/4 cup chia seeds
1/2- 3/4 cup Almond milk (I can’t use cow’s milk)
1 Teaspoon Splenda brown sugar not packed (I don’t like anything too sweet)
Cinnamon to taste (I like a lot of cinnamon)
1 teaspoon of natural vanilla

Let sit for 10-20 minutes, or if in a hurry, zap it in microwave for a minute or two. It will thicken up to form the pudding consistency.

I add chopped walnuts or almonds.

I do recommend starting with small amounts of chia seeds at first, some people’s GI tract needs a little “adjustment time”. I didn’t have any problems, but I eat a very high fiber, low carb diet to begin with.

Adam on the Diatribe site has an article about chia seed pudding including his CGM results incorporating this into his meal plan. He has his recipe on there as well.


Agreed. More texture than taste.

I also agree—it was the texture that was super off-putting to me. Might not be as noticeable in yogurt, but for the life of me, could not get into chia pudding.

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OMG!!! found a solution to my yogurt spiking problem:

i simply cannot eat GREEK yogurt. BUT, when i eat regular plain full fat yogurt i do not spike at all. is that awesome or what ??? YAY :blush:


That is awesome!! Congrats a new food.

Yippie for me!!!

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That is amazing. I never would have believed if it did not come straight from a forum member.

Maybe you should do the experiment more than once to validate it over multiple attempts?

i did. i ate it for 3 straight days in a row without a problem at all; plus, i used it as a snack, a spoon here a spoon there, throughout the days, and not one single problem.

I am sooooo happy i could jump over the moon. and btw, it is called “ITHICA MILK” plain yogurt; it has a giant cows face on the container (a 4 serving size container).

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Was the Greek yogurt of the “full fat”, “reduced fat” or “no fat” variety?

(Our store has all three kinds intermixed on the shelves)

i tried every form of greek yogurt and every brand. full fat, 2%, 0%, Fage, Ciobani, Trader Joe’s, etc. nothing Greek worked for me. and i had exactly the same problem with every variety. :sob: b/c i LOVE Greek yogurt. everything about it. well, whats not to love??? :wink:

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