Hey Joslin, my Application is in the Mail!

Last Tuesday marked the 50th year since my Type 1 diagnosis. I mailed to Boston my application for the 50 Year Joslin Medal. I would not have even known of the program if I had not read about it in FUDiabetes.

My journey started at age 7 with a poor planned attempt to stay home from school, complaining of a stomach ache. My Mom, who’s radar had notices behavior and physical differences, surprised me by saying she would take me to the doctor.

Just for a time warp, in the 1970 Stone Ages I was admitted to the hospital for 10 days (stretching over Halloween) to stabilize diabetes.

No paperwork could be found at Sinai Hospital (Baltimore) and I only have 2 relatives living (my sisters) to vouch for me. I tried to track down my pediatrician (I found a 2017 blog post referring to Dr Kramer being alive at 97 in 2017), the diabetic camp I attended and worked for 12 years. I got one copy of records from the retinal specialists I saw in 1993 with at least a year of diagnosis.

My sisters did remember a few things I did not.

I hope to post a photo soon of a medal in hand, but regardless, I am fortunate to be feeling really good 50 years into the Diabetes Game.

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Congratulations! I joined “the Game” a few years ago, my story similar to yours.
My parents wrote a letter summarizing my diagnosis date, which was memorable due to it being a long holiday weekend. My grandparents were visiting, so they watched my siblings when I was sent directly to hospital after doctor smelled breath and heard symptoms.


Wow Congrats! Your ability to thrive over the last 50 years are exactly what gives me hope for my son!

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Congratulations, @cogdog! It’s great to read your story. Way to go! :partying_face: (And i am looking forward to my 50th Dia-versary in just a few more years.) :tada: Keep up the good work. :sunflower: