The Joslin Medals for long term T1D

On February 26, 2017 there were 5,123 people who had received the 50 year Joslin medal. There were also 95 who had the 75 year medal, and 9 had the 80 year medal. Since that date I have read that there are now more than 6000 fifty year medalists. The number of people living with T1D for 50+ years is growing by leaps and bounds. People from all parts of the world can apply for the Joslin medals, but some proof is required to verify the number of years with T1D. There are many T1D’s who do not know about the program. If you know someone who has been type 1 for 50 years, please tell them about the medals. Tell them they can join the secret Facebook medalist group and talk to so many others with type 1 for 50+ years. They can also attend meetings of the medalists in odd numbered years in Boston. Joslin has a very good program for the medalists who attend. Here is a link for applying for the medals. You can also apply for a 25 year certificate.
I will be eligible for the 75 year medal in 2020.

2014-04-01-50frontandback-thumb Joslin-75-Year-Medal 50PM-thumb


This initially stopped me from applying, but I learned that a letter from my parents, along with doctor handwritten notes that I self reported diagnosis in 1965 would be accepted. Records of my eye laser and vitrectomy treatments with dates, also supported my “claim”. (My eye treatments were right on schedule, 20 years after diagnosis…)

Maybe I will see you there in 2019.


Lilly also has medals for people who have lived with T1 for 10, 25, 50 and 75 years! I got the 10 year medal a while ago, I don’t think I really had to prove my diagnosis but I can’t remember.


@MM2, I had to apply several years after I was eligible for the 50 year medal. Mt sister and a cousin remembered 50 years prior to the application date. I included the letters with my application, and I received the medal a couple of months later.


Mine was more recent, and I learned from folks like you that this was possible !! You have inspired many !!!


Hi @Richard157 - thanks for sharing these! I like that they’re actually medals!

2020 is coming right up! I’ll be happy to celebrate your achievement! Well, I’m already celebrating your achievements and being thankful that you come to share your knowledge here at FUD! :smiley:


Hmm. The guy looks like he’s about to fall on his torch. And the woman looks like she just ripped all her hair off. Are they trying to tell us something about living with diabetes for 50 years?

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I would say that even some rough living at 50 dia years sure beats the hell out of the alternative. /s


I have my 25 year certificate and I am 5 years away from my 50 year medal. I also have a very large statue of a bear from Lily with a inscribed plaque (weird choice of acknowledgement). Thanks @Richard157 for spreading the word!