Help with dexcom 6 restarting sensor and Galaxy S8+ phone

I am a type 1 diabetic. I have a dexcom 6 CGM. I have been reading how people extend their sensors past 10 days. I have been unable to do this and I use a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Does anyone have the exact instructions how to do this with this phone rather than an iphone?? Tons of exact instructions for that phone. Thank u

What is first 2 digits of your G6 transmitter ?

Dexcom has been making changes to limit ability to extend.

Details here

The first 2 digits are 81… can it be restarted or no?? There must be a way I find it hard to believe they cant… thanks for replying

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Now I’m in the iPhone, @Zr8000, but I can tell you I’m still able to extend my sensors on my 81- transmitter. I was half-expecting some difficulties, but I’ve just restarted my current sensor for the second time… so so far so good.

Please open the link I posted, it will give detailed instructions.

You will use your phone to stop and restart sensor, following the steps in the linked document.

First part is general information.
When you get to this:

The sure way around “no restarts”: Bluetooth Unpaired method

The only way for sure around this trauma check

then click link to get to the instructions noted for unpaired method.