❤ I got an unexpected gift in the mail today ❤

!!To all the Unlimited Diabetics!!

Today a package arrived in the mail. When I don’t know what a package is, I always assume it is insulin :slight_smile:. So I took it in right away, to get it cold asap. Then I opened it, and I found:

  • A fabulous bottle of GREAT Bordeaux wine!

  • A card from all the Unlimited Diabetics!!


I was blown away. I had no idea. I was totally surprised. Shocked. Floored. Amazed.

I can truly say that this is the best gift I have EVER received apart from the birth of my two sons.

Not because of the wine – mind you, I love Bordeaux, and I love THIS Bordeaux (Pauillac!).

But because it’s from you all! I am moved, and touched, and thankful.

I am putting it in my very special reserve, in the cellar – there is only one bottle there: this one. I am keeping it for a very special occasion. It’s a very special bottle. Maybe our first F2F meet? Or our first event together? I don’t know what yet, but it will have to be very special. And I will enjoy every drop!

And the card goes on my end table. For good!

:heart: Thank you :heart:


I was tasked with finding out what kind of wine you liked the most.

I thought:
Oh no. How will I get the French guy to tell me about his favorite wine?

So I texted you and asked you a few general questions about wine, and you answered. And answered again. And kept texting me more and more and more info about your favorite wines.

So then I thought:
Oh no. How will I get the French guy to STOP telling me about his favorite wine?



You are an amazing individual who is responsible for bringing all of these wonderful people together. It’s the least we could do for you! @Eric and @Sam spearheaded it because they’re brown-nosers…I mean, because they’re awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you liked it. It was oddly intimidating shopping for French wine for a French guy… hope we did alright.

This was FUD’s first secret administrative action


Glad the present got to you in an unexpected way, those are the best kind. After you get done championing all things diabetes, you should gather some people from your state and perhaps Pennsylvania to change the wine ship rules.


We all appreciate the hard work you have put into this @Michel. Cheers!


@Michel We are all equally blown away and amazed at what you have so quickly and efficiently organized in FUD. Truly a Herculean task!


Bravo, Michel! For guiding us, prompting us, and providing for us a home here! We are all deeply in your debt. So grateful for all of your hard work!


@michel Amazing bottle of wine for an amazing guy. Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

@Eric and @sam thanks for getting this done!!!


One more like and Michel gets a badge…

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