Has anyone had this pump problem before?

ITS ABSOLUTELY BEYOND ME! I just got my SECOND replacement pump and I am having the EXACT same problem with it that I had with the very first replacement pump (which was replaced because it was broken/disfunctional but still under warranty)

I was previously using the Medtronic Paradigm Pump, and when it broke, because they have discontinued this model, they sent me an upgraded pump, the 670G model.

Problem was, no matter what, it beeped all day and night between every 15 minutes to every 2 hours, all the time without rhyme or reason. I have called Medtronic 6 times now and spoken with different tech reps each time. We go through a series of tests to determine if the pump is actually working despite the fact that it is continuously beeping.

With the first replacement 670G I received, they told me to send it right back and they sent me out another replacement pump. Well, this second replacement pump is doing the same thing. IT JUST WONT STOP BEEPING. I have spoken with my CDE, A Medtronic Pump Educator, and then more techies. No one has an answer for me, and no one can figure out how to stop the beeping.

Has ANYONE ever gone through anything as crazy as this? and if so, what have you done about it?



Is it expecting CGM data? Like is it set for using their Guardian CGM, and since you do not have one, it is beeping?

Make sure you have the sensor turned OFF.

Here are directions:


Turning Sensor Feature Off

If you disconnect the transmitter from the sensor for an extended period of time, turn off the sensor to avoid getting a sensor alert.

To turn the sensor off:

  1. Press Select.

  2. Select Options.

  3. Select Utilities.

  4. Select Sensor Settings.

  5. Select Sensor to turn feature off.

  6. Select Yes to turn the sensor off.



Here is the link from Medtronic:


I have followed these instructions on BOTH pumps. There has never been a circumstance in which the sensor settings have been ON.

This baffles me to no end. But thank you for the info!!!



Yes! Let’s ask @LarissaW since she has used this pump before!


Also @daisymae, is there a separate setting for Manual-Mode versus Auto-Mode? If there is, make sure you are in Manual-Mode.


Yes. There are two separate modes. I am definitely on MANUAL mode!!! (and I just double checked it to make 100% certain) Good thinking, as usual, though!


Have you looked in the alarm history? Might see if there are details there.


DM - I private messaged you back! Sorry for my delay