Loss of audio issue with Medtronic 630G/640G/670G

This morning I saw a notification at the website of the Dutch Diabetes Association that some Medtronic pumps have issues with loss of audio and are replaced by Medtronic. Only 630G/640G/670G pump with software version 4.10 should be affected. My 640G does not have this version and thus should not have this issue, but… when I did the recommended sound test, adjusting the volume didn’t make a difference. I think I’ll discuss it with my CDE later this month. I don’t find this issue important enough to contact Medtronic immediately. Often I don’t notice alarms anyway and I don’t need to. Most alarms don’t require immediate action. If I hear them, I usually delay taking action till I’ve time to deal with it. Low reservoir and low battery alarms go off hours before you actually need to do something. Really urgent issues will make the pump vibrate regardless of audio settings, so I don’t miss those things when I am asleep or don’t notice the alarm sound.