670G - Pump Error

Tonight my 670G pump rebooted with a PUMP ERROR 53.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Someone in my group just had it. I’ll see if I can find the post…

So from what she said, it’s a software error, and Medtronic had to walk her through the solution. It had something to do with the version of pump and software. She was able to get her pump up and running with their help, but she was told they’d need to replace her pump if it happened again. It also cleared her IOB so she was told to be careful to pay close attention to her blood sugar if doing any bolusing.

That’s a long way of saying you’ll probably need to call Medtronic.

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New here. My 670 g pump ( brand new last week) flatlined class night at 12:30 am. Thank goodness I was up. Dark screen for about 4 minutes then a line that said error. When I pushed button it had a green line. I had to wait about 10 minutes and go through all steps and change res. and set. Thoughts? Saw responses . Working now but just wondering if anyone has had this happen? T1 for 11 years

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I would call Medtronic technical support, 24x7.

Advantage is they would have ticket open for you, and quicker response if it happens again, and doesn’t start working.


I had this error on my last 6 pumps (670g). This is the worse pump I ever had. I can’t believe I been thru 6 pumps for defects in the last 3 years.

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I have had a similar issue with error 63 if I remember right. Anyone know what that one’s about?

I have moved to the Tandem tslim x2. Love it. Medtronic wake up and improve your prospects.