My first experience with 780G

I was due for a new pump and my endo pushed me to getting the new 780G with Guardian 4 sensors. I had been using the Tandem X2 and Dexcom G6 over the past four years. I installed the first Guardian sensor last week and set it up with the 780G pump. The sensor install in the back of the arm was a reall problem. For someone who has to do this alone is very difficult. The system seemed to work well for the first 4 days. It is hard to say it was better than the Tandem Control IQ technology, but the autocorrection boluses did improve my BG drifting upwards in the mid afternoon compared to the Tandem where I would routinely manually bolus a unit or two in order to keep the BG in a more desirable range.

However, the real issue was that after 4 days of insertion, the Guardian 4 started acting up. It went into what it called a “sensor updating” mode wherein no sensor data was provided to the pump, so the pump reverts back to the programmed basal level. This sensor updating issue repeated three or four times, and then last night the pump said “replace sensor.” This is after only 4 days of use.

I called Medtronic to report the issue.

In any case, so far I am not impressed. I think the Medtronic pump is fine, but the Guardian 4 sensor so far is not equal to the Dexcom in my experience.


Thats a real disappointment to hear. Their pump hardware has always been excellent but they can’t seem to get the Guardian sensors to work. Which always struck me as strange because my limited experience with the first Minimed wired CGMS was always excellent.


@Karl.n I haven’t used the Guardian sensors, so my opinion may not count that much, but the machinations I’ve seen about how to apply all versions of the Guardian seem archaic: too many steps, too many parts, too many hands required, etc. If it was known for being drastically accurate, it might hold some sway, but it doesn’t have that reputation…quite the opposite. It seems Medtronic is more intent on controlling the “eco-sphere” of their products that they’ve lost sight of keeping the customer satisfied. I’m sure every CGM has its good and bad points, but stick to what you’re good at… Medtronic has a good reputation for pumps, build on that…insistence on use of Guardian sensors seems their downfall. (Yes, big words from a non-Medtronic user! I’ll gladly be educated by those with practical experience…)

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Are you stuck with this for the next 4 years, or is there a return policy if you are seriously dissatisfied?

Agreed, Medtronic may need to cut bait on the Guardian. Which is unfortunate because they released a hospital CGM before Dexcom and the Guardian shortly after the first Dexcom, so they’ve certainly had the experience to compete with Abbot and Dexcom. I got my first insulin pump, a 722, largely because it included the Guardian, but ran out of patience 3 generations later…

I’m surprised your Endo showed any favoritism to one pump over the others. My Endo is uber careful to never do that!