Handwashing more important than ever!


I wonder if this pandemic will finally put an end to the handshake.

Depending on which account you believe, it goes back to 5 BC or all the way back to 9 BC, and it is thought to have perhaps been a gesture of peace to show you were not carrying weapons.

Now, the lack of a handshake is a gesture to show you do not wish to kill someone.


I hope this pandemic will finally put an end to kissing as a way of greeting or congratulating someone.


what’s the matter with kissing? I love kissing. But I doubt this could b a pleasant experience from a complete stranger.

But of course, I am not a European chic type of person :wink:


Oh, I hope not! :joy:

Actually, I’d rather have a kiss on the cheek than a handshake. Who knows where that hand has been?!?


Hands are singularly gross and good at transmitting germs, unless just washed/sanitized. I very much hope handshakes do not ever come back. Hands with long nails are particularly germy.

For germs in general (not necessarily CoVID), I’m not sure cheek kisses are actually worse than handshakes, since getting germs on your cheeks may be less risky than on your hands, which are often direct routes to mouth/nose/eyes. Would be an interesting study though. Either as greetings amongst people who don’t otherwise share germs much seem not ideal for infection prevention purposes though.

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Baboons have had their own greeting rituals for far longer than that and they don’t have covid. Perhaps we should look to them for guidance.


My vote would be to introduce the most random greeting imaginable and get everyone on the planet to adopt it in the name of health and safety: like everyone spins in place three times to say hello. Or a hip bump. Or twerking. All completely safe.

And I think we should all acknowledge that country line dancing will finally get its proper due in society as the only dancing which makes sense. It’s been overshadowed for far too long by other forms of “dance”.


With all of my yoga pals, we simply exchange “namasté”. :pray: :smiley_cat:


“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Before we begin our meeting let’s get greet our new team member, Mary.”

Mary’s six team members stand up, walk over to her, surround her chair and begin twerking rapidly for her. After they finish twerking they all sit back down. Mary smiles at them all and says, “Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I’m happy to be here!”


Nothing unsafe about that! All I see is a highly evolved, respectful and hygienic society!


Much higher office morale too.


I am so anti-handshake, I would love if COVID-19 puts an end to this greeting. Let’s just do a bow or a namaste, way more hygienic.

My impression with COVID-19 is that most of the time, it’s not being transmitted by contaminated surfaces, but that the more people who have it in the community, the higher this transmission risk is. For instance if an elevator button is contaminated and 1 in 100 people have COVID-19 who touch it, the virus probably becomes inactive before the next person can touch it. But if 1 in every 5 people has it, then all of a sudden you could have people touching the same buttons soon after each other, which means contact transmission becomes more important.

In any case, washing hands is such a good thing anyways. Even if COVID-19 wasn’t stopped by it, who wants to get norovirus, or rhinovirus, or any other bug that clearly can be transmitted well that way?


LEt’s all pick lice from each other’s hair!!!


You’re thinking chimpanzees