Going from Libre Freestyle to Dexcom G6 - any tips?

My 9yo has been using the Libre Freestyle for years, so we’re pretty comfortable with fitting it etc.

The normal placement is the back of his arm - which does a great job surviving playground rough-and-tumble, sports etc.

This weekend we’re starting the Dexcom G6 & I was wondering if there’s anything we should watch for.

We’ll be going for the same back of the arm sensor site - as it’s been super successful so far.

I’ve heard the G6 doesn’t stick on as firmly as the Libre, so I’m not sure if we need to add additional tape - or if we do need tape, what sort of tape we should use.

Any tips are appreciated.


@Tama, my son has been on the G5 since he was 11 (almost 16 now). He always uses 3 applications of Skin-Tac on the skin to help keep it on, plus a little bit more on top to leach it through. It works well, although, by the end of the week, it gets a little ragged (my son is quite athletic: runs all year round, plays volley-ball for his high school). We have not made the jump to the G6 yet.

FYI, our best location is the abdomen. We have tried pretty much every part of the body, including thigh and calf.


My son is a G6 user and exclusively uses the back of his arms. Unless we are swimming we don’t bother with Skin-tac and just use a Grif Grip on top of the sensor adhesive. When he is really athletic we have had to replace the Grif Grip mid sensor i.e. after 5 days. With this setup we have only lost one or two sensors due to rough play. Although you do have to be careful when peeling off the old Grip Grip to replace it. Can’t wait for the G7, which is hopefully going to have a lower profile.


I hadn’t heard about Grif Grips. Checking them out now:

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We use them often too, although less than we used to: they were in constant use when my son was in swim team.


You can also get a free version from Dexcom if you ask. We have a lot of trust in the Grif Grips and are in a position where the cost of the Grips isn’t a problem so we continue to purchase them. The nice part about them is that they breathe and move because of the way they apply the adhesive.


Hi Tama,

My son has been using Dexcom since his diagnosis, which has been 3 years now. We started of with the G5 and we are now in the G6. I would suggest using SkinTac or some sort of adhesive especially if your son is active or swims a lot. We use the tape once in while when he swims. I really prefer his arms, but he prefers his stomach. We do rotate his sites because he also likes to wear his Omnipod on his arms.