Glucose necklace: potential new product

I found this idea interesting:


Cool if they can get it to hold 25 grams inside. I looked at the size of a 25 gram glucose tube I have and it seems bigger, But definitely would be good if it can hold that much.

Also, the seals need to be durable. If you end up with glucose goo all over your neck, that would be a downer.

Does not say availability. I’d certainly try it, at least once.

Carrying around sugar is actually harder and takes more space than insulin and testing equipment!

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I was wondering the same thing. We use hard-walled plastic tubes to carry 30 grams of hard candy – it takes a lot more space, although a good bit of space is wasted. I’d love to try it out once it becomes available, if it does.

Same concern, It would be great if it was reasonably water resistant.

This is cool. And I like reading the article and seeing that the creator of this necklace is T1D and an EMT (although I was sad for his camping convulsions). I’ve never known about the glucose to the gums, but it makes sense. They use these small vials of sugar water in the NICU with newborns to calm them down (sweeties - getting us all hooked early!) so maybe it’s similar.

For years, we kept glucose tabs in the car as an emergency backup, only to find one day, while driving out in the middle of nowhere, that the damn things had gone moldy. Luckily, we had a basket of apples we were taking as a gift to someone that afternoon, and EH ate one of those and we made it to their house before he fell over. But it was a little dodgy. I have yet to come up with something super stable that doesn’t melt or mold.


I had no idea that could happen to glucose tabs ":frowning:


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You’re telling us! They were gross. Little speckles of black mold. Ick. Would’ve fed them to him if it was the only option, and have since gotten a little better at stocking the car. But stuff melts! So frustrating.


@TravelingOn, your post was full of great-looking goodies: I set it up as its own thread :slight_smile:

i have had this same problem, too. i am a big fan of the Gtabs; i like the orange flavor and have used them for years. (if i am under 40, i go straight for the juice, though) but my other favorite is chocolate which we all know melts. i always keep the Gtabs in my bag wherever i go 100% of the time, thinking as long as i am traveling local, i can find chocolate just about anywhere if i want it. but yesterday was my very first day ever to have found that my tabs were melting. of course, i am on the slow side and didnt think twice about keeping the bottle on my window ledge getting a tan. :wink:

Am I the only one who read this title and thought


Nope, my mind went right there…I was also thinking of a DIY necklace just like this one with Dex4 tablets around it instead of those candies. lol

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Actually that is a GREAT idea! Quite affordable, and decorative too if you like bright colors :slight_smile:

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I used those when I was a kid. But it was much more difficult to only eat what you needed. So as soon as you ate one of the candies, the rest quickly followed!


Is one of them 1 gram of carbs?

Michel, when I was at this age, they did not even have standardized labeling requirements. You often didn’t even know how many carbs something had in it! At some point it became required. How tough is that?!

I think that is part of the reason the old-timers work on more of an “instinct” basis. We couldn’t really count carbs.


It looks like an entire necklace is 16g, so way under 1g each piece?


Smarties apparently makes candy necklaces, so glucose/dextrose ones are available, ha, and they are available at Target. My guess is yeah, well under 1g, since each smarties tablet is well under 1g, and the necklace beads aren’t much bigger and then have the middle hollowed out for the string.

Am I reading this right?

1 “piece (0.7oz)” from a smarties candy necklace is 20g??? That doesn’t seem right.

Maybe by 1 “piece” it means the entire necklace? That sounds a lot more reasonable.

Working away from home most of the year I don’t have ability to “count” carbs very accurately either… nothing I eat is labeled. I think the “instinct” basis, and experience-- are highly under rated and deserve more focus than they often get… pure carb counting only gets one so far in the real world


I think this must be right. Otherwise that makes no sense whatsoever!

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