Glucose tabs containers?

My son hates these glucose tabs - but we find the 10-tab containers of this Dex4 to be the best we have found so far to carry hard candy in the pocket or slingpack:

Of course, my son loses them all the time, and they are rather expensive to buy filled. Does anyone know where to buy, say, a hundred of these containers (containers only)? I imagine we’ll run through that many in 2-3 years…

I have looked around but can’t find these tubes anywhere (I mean just the tubes, without the tabs).

As a note, there are several types of these tubes. The ones we like are these exactly. Others come with a really bulky, oversize screw-top which does not fit pockets well and takes too much space. The only thing I’d like better would be a similar container but with very compact screwtop – the containers sometimes opens up in the bag or pocket under pressure.

How about a pill bottle?

Or these might be better

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Your second one is just what I needed, @docslotnick! Thank you!

I’d love to see what other solutions you all use, btw.

My emergency carbs generally come in a candy wrapper or donut bag or oj container. I would never waste a low on something like a glucose tab :cheeky:


Film Canisters: 15 Pack

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Old-school! That’s the way I do it, Doc!

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Would old strip containers work?

i know i must be crazy, but i love G Tabs. i get completely reliable results from them. of course, i will have a small piece of chocolate afterwards :wink:


Or…you could skip the tab and have a BIG piece of chocolate afterwards. :grinning:

Just teasing, do what works!


@Eric, I loved the Marie Antoinette quote!

Remember what happened to her though :slight_smile:


LOVE this!

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the G Tabs work quickly. the chocolate is my long-term back-up (it takes an hour to hit the system) but, as long as i am low, F-it, i’ll go for the chocolate with the rational that it will stabilize me later and keep my BGs steady. but, yummy yummy, yummy. have you ever tried dark chocolate with sea salt by LINDT ??? OMG, it rocks :smile:

PS: sometimes i just want to go low for the sake of having a little piece of this or that that i wouldnt normally bolus for. i know that must sound crazy…i mean, why not just take a bolus and have some chocolate? right? duh.


That makes perfect sense. It’s kind of like a diabetic reward. It’s a treat for having to endure low BG, and that makes it even better. I am totally with you on it!

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Absolutely! That’s a big part of the game. My second commandment of diabetes is “Thou shalt never waste a low on a glucose tablet”


you have my husband in stitches. :blush:


I do use them too :slight_smile: But they don’t take a lot of solid candy carbs. The one Doc linked to take 30 carbs in skittles or jellybeans.

We use solid candy because it won’t leave sugar residue on your hands when you just pour it from the tube into your mouth.