GETTING BACK INTO THE POOL (after 2 years away)

I’m so sorry you’ve been through all of this and so glad you’re on the other side. Rest up, regain strength (more grilled cheese!), and we can’t wait to get the POOL update!

Also, I am thinking that we need to do an FUD NYC meet up at the grilled cheese diner. You’ve got me craving!!! xoxo


So glad you ate back home and feeling better. Yes, i agree with @JessicaD, it would be great for a FUD meetup and we could all enjoy those best ever grilled cheese! Looking forward to your update to the pool!


I would LOVE to get together and do that!!! ANYTIME (preferably late afternoons ) All R Welcome from our Tribe!!!. ( and they also have the BEST menu of any diner i’ve ever been to…albeit a little on the pricey side of things) :yum:



Talk about atrophy!!! OMG. after about 2 months out of the pool, after 1 and a half months of hospitalizations, two heart surgeries, and several more weeks in the hospital to rid me of sepsis (begot from years of diabetic gastropareses), i was finally cleared to swim again!!! Hooray. But holy cow, was i slow and struggling to get my breathing back. Its amazing what some time away from what has been regular exercise can do to my body. And i have to admit, too, that i was spending a little time wallowing in self-pity for the time i was out of the water. But my husband kept reminding me about being patient and being self-forgiving, I did not intentionally stop swimming for no reason at all. I had to take good care of my body and do what needed to be done and follow doctors orders. After each heart surgery i was not even permitted to take a bath for two weeks post procedure (yes, i could shower, just no submerging myself in any water whatsoever…much less go swimming)

so im back. Yahoo!

11:15am BG 89 turn off pump to zero basal and waited 1/2 hour before walking to the pool
12:05pm BG 85 took 10gms fast carbs and jumped in (nervous about being below 100, but kept reminding myself to trust the time on zero basal. Then i just meditated with each stroke)
12:40pm BG 70 finished swim and bolused .4 units to cover all the zero basal and cortisol
walked home and on my way, I bolused 2.6 units for my 2 Boost Shakes (32 gms carbs and protein)

cortisol spike at 1:40pm BG 191. awe, darn. Usually, when i spike like this after a swim, i dont need to do a correction, bc the BG comes down on its own, especially bc i have so much IOB. No worries. No self flagellation or blame. It is what it is. Also, today was my first day back in the pool after a while, and i dont want to judge my BG numbers. I just want to feel proud of my accomplishment. I dared myself to start swimming on the low end of my BGs, and i trusted i wouldnt sink. And now that my sugars are so high, im going to take advantage of it and go for a nice long walk. I’m gonna sleep well tonight!!!

Thank you all for your support during my challenging times these past months. It truly meant and means the world to me. Without this forum, i dont know what i’d be like, how i would feel, what kind of goals i could have for myself. You are all my inspiration. I borrow your courage and am ALWAYS so happy when i pop onto the thread and see your :heart:s folowing my posts. You guys ROCK :bangbang:

siging out,



But you float on the water. Glad you were able to get back in the pool :heart::swimming_woman:

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And how hard that is to get back in to your swimming routine after so many challenges! What perfect BGs, too!! Yes, we are all proud of you, DM!!! So glad you had a great first swim!!! :swimming_woman:

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turns out it was no cortisol spike. When my Dexcom alarm went off, and i took one look at my BG number (336), i realized something else was going on. I took my pump off and tried to prime it but NO INSULIN was coming out at all. I primed and i primed and i primed but NO GO at all. So i ripped the sucker off and redid the entire thing. First though, i gave myself a whopping injection of insulin by syringe. Dont know if i gave myself the correct amount as i havent been this high since i got CoVid two years ago. And, i dont even know when this error with my pump started (earlier today it was obviously working just fine, thus the lower BGs i already reported.)

On an ordinary day, if this were to happen, i would probably blame myself without my mind being on my head straight and before even looking at my pump to consider whether it was working or not. This is one of those things i just take for granted…well La Dee Da, La Dee Da…If my head werent attatched to my neck, i’d probably leave it somewhere without a second thought :laughing: :dizzy_face: :woozy_face: :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:

Now its just a matter of time and patience. Darn Pump. UGH!

Coincidentally, i am seeing my Endo this week on Friday. I know he’ll take one look at my Dexcom and say something silly. I am glad that my latest A1c is 5.1% (found that out when they were taking all of my blood while i was in the hospital). Its just nice to know i’m doing something right :+1:

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PS: as i am finishing writing this, i looked at my Dex again and my sugars are coming down. Its a relief to be UNDER 300! (at least i know my insulin is working :wink:)