74 Years With Type 1

Sept 15, 2019, was my 74’th diaversary. Still no complications except for some neuropathy in my feet and legs. I hope the research being done on long term T1D’s in Boston will explain why some of us are so lucky to have lived so long, and be so healthy.

The neuropathy has caused numbness and poor balance. I fell down several times in 2018, and my podiatrist prescribed six weeks of physical therapy. In Nov and Dec of 2018 I learned several exercises that have helped me with my balance problem. I can do these exercises at home. I have not fallen down this year, 2019. The physical therapy has helped very much. It seems that most people with neuropathy in their legs and feet also have pain. I am not experiencing pain, just numbness and problems with balance. I had two serious injuries when I was falling down (a broken rib and subdural hematoma). It is so nice to be able to take long walks now without falling down.


A true D warrior, you are Richard! Thank you for sharing and well done!


Thank you for blessing us with your posts. Congrats on the diaversary! A big milestone to be sure next year! Glad the physicial therapy helped.


T1D for 53 years. I can only wish for your success. Thought insulin came to market in1949 (may be wrong). What were the very early years like? And congrats for avoiding long-term complications.


Thank you for posting @Richard157! Truly amazing and gives us youngun’s (only 48 years) a ray of hope.


Happy belated diaversary! I’m so happy to hear that physical therapy has been a tremendous help with the neuropathy. Thank you so much for sharing as always !

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