Samson swimming lessons

So, this is the summer we are hoping that Samson will finally learn to swim. (He is super stubborn and has spent the last 5 sessions in a row resolutely refusing to put his face in the water, which is a prerequisite to learning how to swim).

But things are different here in New Jersey – we signed him up for the local swimming pool and they have a learn-to-swim class every day this week. Three weeks of lessons is $50. (In San Francisco, 1 lesson is $25 and you have to be on a waitlist for ages to get into a once-per-week class).

Anyways, since he’s going to be in/at the pool so much I’m thinking I can finally figure out how to bolus and plan to account for his time in the water and off his pump. And for several of those days, it’s going to be my mother-in-law doing it rather than either me or Mitch. So I want to have a clear decision-tree/protocol for her so she’s not nervous.

I’m thinking I should disconnect him maybe fifteen minutes to a half hour before pool time, he has a half-hour swim class, and then bolus him immediately after he gets out and give carbs. Not sure how much though. Does anyone else have any tips? He’s likely not going to be physically exerting himself that much as of yet, since he’s still not truly “swimming.” So I’m not sure he needs many carbs for his time in the water, if any.

Also, there may not be data for some or even all of the time in the pool, I’m wondering if I should ask her to test half-way through class if he has no data…


Liam doesn’t swim, but he does high cardio related activities - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I suspend his basal 1 hour before class and IF he’s still heading down before class, I give him a slower acting carb (5 carbs or so) combined with a faster acting snack (5 carbs or so), and then just monitor him during class and IF he still needs more, the coach knows I’ll call him over to the edge of the mat and give him another snack as needed.

After class (during my class(es)), I then usually have to bolus him once he’s slowed down and those foods start to tick him back up again.


Also, rather than suspending him, you could use the Sports Override / or JoJo branch Override. Of course, that takes testing, so suspending is safer, as @ClaudnDaye advises. I know protocols for adult exercise is probably completely different for young kids. I hope you are able to be with him for the first few swim classes! Welcome to NJ, too!! :slight_smile:

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