Getting a Macbook for building Loop

That’s not entirely clear. The entire mechanism used for the browser build is the one that Apple provides for developers to build and beta-test apps through TestFlight. There’s nothing specific to Loop except the particular scripts that try to make it easy for non-developers to build Loop without a Mac. And I think I recall some explanations about how to have personal customizations to Loop within that framework. That said, I don’t know anything about it, so I can’t say how hard it is to use.


Here is the link for building customizations for your github fork:


Here is an update on this. I got my new (used) Macbook. It was in very good shape!

  • I totally wiped it out, erased and reformatted the drive, so there would not be anything possibly malicious left behind.

  • I installed the iOS that I had used on my previous Mac, and also the same version of Xcode that I had used before. I wanted to make it as close as possible to the previous one I was using.

  • I copied all my build files over from the flash drive I had them saved on. (My Loop version is highly customized.)

My first 2 build attempts gave me errors, but surprisingly, it worked on the 3rd attempt! This was just on a simulator phone in Xcode, not the real thing.
(The problem seemed to just be a signing issue, because once I changed that, the build worked. :man_shrugging: )

So next steps…

I don’t want to jack up my existing Loop install on my phone, because I depend on it for daily insulin delivery! So I am thinking I will install it first on my wife’s phone. Make sure it runs more than 7 days, so I know it is signed correctly with the developer license, and all of that. And also burn a pod with it on her phone, just fill it with water and make sure all of the pod stuff is working.

Does that sound like the right process before I rebuild on mine? (BTW, mine does not expire for several months, so I have plenty of time.)

Thanks for the advice!

That’ll certainly do it. Most of the time for me the errors all focused around that same thing…just not being signed into my developer account.

Glad it’s working out!

You are much more cautious than I am! I just reinstall on his phone and keep fu***ng with it until it works. Lol. Once it works, it stays working.


Ugh, don’t tell me that! There is risk there! What if you keep trying and keep trying and then it’s 4 in the morning and it still isn’t working! :open_mouth:

Why not install it on your phone first, as a test? You have an iPhone too, right? I think the developer account lets you install on 10 different devices.

But yes, once it is working, it stays working!

What I am doing is simply preparing the time when my one-year install comes to an end, and I will HAVE to reinstall it. I don’t want to wait until 11 months and 23 days before I start trying to figure it all out! :joy:

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When I start, I just expect that I’ll get it working. Lol

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I have no confidence when I build that thing! I have had to fight through so many errors.

But mine is definitely not the standard build process, I am totally in a different place with mine.

When the new Loop version got rid of the customizable insulin duration, I knew I would need to go out on my own.

The big problem for me will be when they get rid of the G6. That’s gonna require me to do some serious coding to bring the G7 into my Loop version.

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It’s why I’ve intentionally kept away from customizations for Liam’s loop. The more code you introduce outside of the main branches, the greater the possibilities with errors/conflicts in future releases. I have always been fine with the vanilla build but if/when Liam gets older and expresses interest in going down that customization path, it’s a path I’ll happily take with him.

I’m just hoping to get through the teenage years with as little headache as possible, tbh.


That guy is already designing rocket-ships in his spare time! I saw the Pong thing. :star_struck: Of course he’s gonna want to customize it!

Why not let him start thinking about it now? Ask him - what should be different?

This change was a pain to figure out, but I am so glad I did it!

I have posted these images previously on FUD. I would say that being able to read the amount of a bolus without glasses is a big plus! :+1:

Before: :frowning_face:


After: :grinning: :partying_face:


That bolus thing is huge now. People can see it from airplanes that are passing overhead.


Why is that? Although I’m still on G6, it’s my understanding that DIY Loop main and dev branches support G7.

I mentioned previously that I use the Github browser build with customizations. It really is a much smoother process than using Xcode, no worries about compatible versions of Mac, Xcode, etc., and no build errors either. But I’m not sure freeAPS supports the browser build. I think you are using freeAPS, that is.

I’ve only built and installed Loop on my own iphone but many of the dev on zulip have test phones similar to what you describe.

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Because I am not using any code that supports G7. I took a version of FreeAPS and customized it.

So I will need to either put the G7 stuff in my code, or find a branch that supports G7 and start doing my customization all over again.

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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this but here is an update.

I had not worked on this in a while, but yesterday I got the Loop build working on my phone. I needed to make sure I could do this because it was only 1 month before my Loop install expired! So I was kind of cutting it close.

I think I got my developer license renewed. I’m not 100% sure because I did not change anything in the build, all I did was give Apple my credit card number and they sent me my renewal email. And then I built Loop and installed it on my phone.

I did not enter anything new in Xcode, so I am not sure if Xcode knows my license has been renewed. :man_shrugging:

So my question is this:

How long does a non-developer build last? Like if my Loop install is still working in 7 days, does that mean my developer license has been renewed and was recognized by the build?

In other words, how long do I need to wait until I know for sure that my build will be good for another year?

Non developer lasts one week.

Not to thread crap or anything, but have you considered the browser build method? It doesn’t require a MAC at all!

I just tried that for the first time and it took awhile to get used to, but it wasn’t difficult to do. Just go slow and follow the steps exactly.

See Configure to use Browser - LoopDocs .

Hope this helps.


I can’t do that because I have made too many modifications on my version.

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Yes, that’s my recollection as well, non dev license lasts 7 days.

If you cloned your code using git, you could simply do a git merge from the upstream repo and then just resolve conflicts, if any, in your branch. Then you could do the browser build goung forward, including managing your changes in the browser. I just did a fresh customised edit build yeserday. It really does save resources and time.


I will look into that for when I need to add G7 support.

But I need to see if any FreeAPS versions have G7 support in them.

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I think there’s a good chance that you built a new version of Loop that has the same expiration 1 month from now.

Using the workspace build method with xcode, the essential step to update the expiration date of the loop app is to enter the following command in the terminal window and then build loop.

>rm ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning\ Profiles/*.mobileprovision

That command throws away the old credentials that govern the expiration date. Then build Loop as usual, and the build scripts will fetch new credentials that will reflect your current developer license expiration.

I saw this in loopdocs a while ago and wrote it down, so the above command is just copied from my document. You could search loopdocs to find the original, probably it’s somewhere in the workspace build section for building dev.


Wow, thanks @bkh !

I will check out that file and see if it is old, and I will delete it and try that. :+1:


Those files. There may be more than one; the asterisk does a wildcard match.

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Ok, thanks again. I will do a search on the Macbook.

But - and I think this seems promising - I just searched all the files from what I copied over to that box. (Remember, it was a different Macbook, so I copied all my build files over from my old stored files onto the new Macbook.)

And there is nothing in the files I copied over that ends in *.mobileprovision.

So it seems that it would’ve had to grab a new one, right?


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