G6 receiver battery

Has anyone found a source for the 3.7v 950mah LiPo battery? Its pretty easy to change out.

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Try digikey, this page has a filter for the exact size of the cell:

I haven’t examined the internals of a receiver, so I don’t know what the connectors are. The capacity doesn’t much matter; anything vaguely close should be fine.


I didn’t realize they used LiPo batteries! Is the reason for LiPo energy density? I’ve only read of using LiPo as a rechargeable…

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It’s the receiver; it is rechargeable. The receiver is yet another smartphone form-factor thing except that it is held together with small torx screws, I haven’t got round to taking mine apart yet so I don’t know the details of the cell.

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Its a 3wire battery with a bunch of numbers, but they dont seem to correlate to model numbers. The harness also has a rather unique “push down” connector rather than the standard 2.5mm for that size

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It’s a classic, albeit small, cellphone battery. The white wire (marked “T”) is the temperature sensor. The cell is extremely thin - only 2.5mm, dimensions are 60mm x 40mm x 2.5mm. There’s nothing remotely close to that on Digi-key or Mouser.

The connector is 1mm spacing, fairly standard; I think I might have seen one before but it’s not something I can put a name to. It’s moot if the battery is dead because you can always cannibalize it. The space in the case is 61mmx44.3mmx3.5mm; the latter dimension is the height of the middle stand-off for the PCB. There are some batteries that would fit, but they all seem to be two wire - no temperature and a built in BMS.

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Connector looks like the 1.2mm JST ACHR-03V-S found here: lipolbattery(dot)com/li-po-battery-connectors.html

Yep, that’s it. Here’s the JST web page (well, I think it is, it doesn’t look bogus):


Guess what happened when I disconnected the battery :slight_smile: The WHOLE connector came off and I was left with three quaint coppery pins pointing up, and right, from the PCB. I’ve never been able to work out how to take these things apart. In fact I was able to push the whole connector, still connected as it were, back onto the pins and the receiver has now recharged (I haven’t used it for several years) and that entertaining little motor just to the side of the connector whirred it’s heart out as the damned device wanted me to set the date. I turned it off; that’s what I love about electronics.

My apologies, I was thinking of the sensor/transmitter. I need to RTFI!

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